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Abney Court care home in Cheadle, Cheshire

Abney Court

We use Activity Based Care to help residents to enjoy every day.

At Care UK we're committed to delivering Activity Based Care across all our care homes. It's a simple approach that's all about enabling residents to get involved in a range of fun and interesting daily activities and even to continue with everyday routines. By doing so, they stay active and engaged, and retain their sense of independence.

As easy as ABC – Activity Based Care

Our team of lifestyle coordinators at Abney Court plan, organise and run individual and group activities for residents, all based on their interests and hobbies. Activities range from gardening and reminiscence, to playing board games, doing quizzes, chatting with visiting schoolchildren, or doing a gentle keep fit class. There's no hard and fast rule to what we do. If a resident makes a suggestion, we do our best to make it happen.

A change of scene is always a popular option, so we get out and about whenever we can too, on outings to local shops, garden centres or the theatre, as well as on longer day trips to places of interest.

Health and wellbeing

Our main focus at Abney Court is the health and happiness of residents. As well as being close to a range of health centres and GP surgeries, we also have links with other healthcare providers, including physiotherapists, opticians, dentists and audiologists who make regular visits to the home.

We also understand that spiritual wellbeing is important for some residents, so we have  relationships with local churches who are welcome to hold services at Abney Court.
Tasty, nutritious and tempting food.

Enjoying delicious, chef-cooked meals made from fresh ingredients is a key part of life in our Cheadle care home. On onsite chefs cater for all tastes, diets and cultural requirements. There is plenty of choice and regular tempting sweet treats to go with morning coffee or afternoon tea.

Everyone likes having something to look forward to, so we have special menus, treats and events to celebrate annual days and festivals like Easter, Chinese New Year and even Halloween. Christmas is a chance for a huge celebration, and we also love celebrating residents' birthdays and anniversaries. You're welcome to host a party for your loved one at the home and we'll do everything we can to make it a celebration to remember.


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Care home residents reminisce about the Queen and Duke of Edinburgh’s wedding

November 20 2017

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Free advice event returns to Abney Court

Free advice event returns to Abney Court

October 27 2017

Abney Court is inviting the local community to a free event offering support for people considering care for their loved one.

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Abney Court takes a walk down memory lane for charity

Abney Court takes a walk down memory lane for charity

October 19 2017

Team members from Abney Court recently took part in a memory walk in aid of the Alzheimer’s Society.


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