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Helpful guides and information

Helpful guides and information

We are committed to supporting older people and have used our knowledge and expertise to produce a range of useful guides.

Our guides have been produced by our care team experts and include real life experiences of older people and their families. The available booklets cover subjects such as how to communicate with a loved one who is living with dementia and choosing a care home.

Our most recent guides

As leading experts in delivering top-quality care, we are never complacent and continually look for new and innovative ways to support older people to live independent and fulfilling lives.

Our most recent guides are:

Good to go

If you care for a person who is living with dementia, you may love the idea of an outing or day trip, but the planning involved can make it quite daunting. Good to go will help you to discover the many benefits of getting out and about, learn from the experience of our carers, find out how to prepare for a great outing and get ideas of places to go.

Listen, talk, connect

We understand the challenges families and carers face on a daily basis and we are here to support you.  Our Listen, talk, connect guide contains practical tips that will help you communicate with a loved one living with dementia.

As Easy as ABC

Activity based care plays a key role in helping people to live independent and fulfilling lives. Our As Easy as ABC guide lists 100 hints and tips for activity based care and is for carers, relatives of residents and visitors to our homes to support residents to get the most out of each day.

Eating as we age

The older we get, the more important eating well and staying hydrated is - whether for ourselves or caring for a loved one. Eating as we age includes top tips for nutrition and hydration, as well as recipe inspiration and real life stories.

Let us support you with difficult decisions

Choosing a care home for a loved one can be daunting experience. Asking:  Is this the right place? What should I be looking for?  Will my loved one be looked after properly? These are just some of the questions you will ask, but there will be many more. To guide you through the process we have produced a series of booklets that will help you make the right choice.

Choosing a care home checklist

Guide to dementia care brochure

Guide to respite care brochure

Moving in checklist

Latest news

Our news

Charlotte House saddles-up for pony visit

Charlotte House saddles-up for pony visit

October 15 2018

Residents at Charlotte House welcomed a very special ‘neigh-bour’ when Sooty the pony visited.

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Wish comes true for Weald Heights musician

Wish comes true for Weald Heights musician

October 12 2018

A wish came true for a resident at Weald Heights when they experienced a private tour of the Royal Albert Hall.

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New home manager to take the helm of Millers Grange

New home manager to take the helm of Millers Grange

October 8 2018

Millers Grange has announced the appointment of its home manager.

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Health news

World Arthritis Day

World Arthritis Day

October 10 2018

One in six of us experiences joint pain every day.

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