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Natasha King

Home manager

I’m passionate about my role and the home. I like to see lots of smiles and interaction with staff and residents. A good working day for me is to know that I have given my all to my team and to residents, knowing that they have all had a good day and that the care they’ve received has been the best.

Before joining Heather View I’d worked in independent care homes for ten years. I wanted to stay in the care sector while developing my skills and career. Care UK really helps you to progress – I actually started as a senior care assistant but was offered a promotion to deputy manager. At the end of 2017, I was incredibly proud and happy to be offered the role of home manager.

I think my proudest moments at Care UK were being nominated for the Team Leader of the Year award in the Care UK Residential Care Services Awards, and then being promoted to my current role. I’m now really looking forward to continuing to make Heather View the best dementia care home in the area, delivering the best possible service.

Jerry James

Deputy manager

I love being part of Heather View family. I enjoy the time I spend with residents, their families and my colleagues.I always strive to bring a smile to people's faces, and I'm focused on keeping the home's standards at the very highest level.

Being a nurse gives me the opportunity to help other people and to grow and develop in ways that are consistent with my values.I love being able to empower others to speak up for themselves, and to help them to live with dignity. I'm proud of the impact that I can have - I remember a resident's family member contacting me to tell me the difference I'd made to her mother throughout her time at the home. It's those moments that make what we do worthwhile.  

Abby Wells

Customer relations manager

I joined Heather View in 2017 because I wanted to support people at a time of need and try to smooth the process for those who are looking for a care home for a loved one. I love showing new families and prospective residents around our fantastic home – many don’t realise how much we have to offer, the range of care that we provide, and the new lease of life we can give older people.

The Heather View team are truly a lovely bunch of people and have helped me to settle in so well. They make a genuine difference to the lives of the residents, and I’m proud to be a part of the team.

As I settle in to my role, I always enjoy getting out and about and meeting people in the local community, building new relationships and inviting people into our home.  

Andrea Butler

Lifestyle lead

I’ve turned my hand to a range of different roles, including organising conferences and events across the UK and Europe, and training the over 50s in computer skills. My role at Heather View tests all my skills, from organising activities for over 60 residents to learning to drive the home’s minibus!

A big highlight for me has been a recent outing that we went on with a resident to a local stables. Horses have been her lifelong passion but she hasn’t experienced them for many years due to poor health. Seeing her joy when she interacted with them was simply incredible. I’m looking forward to continuing to bring value, a smile and fulfilment to the lives of Heather View residents. 

Siobhan Gill

Business administrator

I worked for a health insurance company for a long time, but I fancied a change and the chance to work face-to-face with customers. I joined Care UK in 2011 as receptionist, and was promoted to business administrator within six months.

I enjoy the HR side of my role: ensuring that procedures are followed and work is produced to the standard that residents and their families expect. I also love seeing residents happy. Christmas time is a particularly special time as it’s very joyful, and seeing that joy on residents’ faces speaks a thousand words.

Away from work, I enjoy spending time with my family. I have a very young son, who keeps me busy too!

Zoe Higgins

Head chef

I became head chef at Heather View in early 2016, having worked my way up since joining the team in 2012.  I’ve worked in catering for over 30 years – 23 of those at the Grosvenor Hotel in London. I’ve cooked for all sorts of celebrities, from Jane Fonda to Diego Maradona and I’ve been sung to by none other than Max Bygraves!

I love my job because every day is different, and I’m passionate about good food and creating meals that residents enjoy and that support their health and wellbeing. Part of my role is to ensure that meal times are enjoyable, fun and social, and that all residents are able to dine with dignity.

Kelvin Luscombe

Maintenance manager

I joined Heather View in July 2011. I used to run my own care home in Hailsham, but I fancied a change of role whilst staying in the care sector. In my role it helps if you’re versatile. You need to be thoughtful and considerate – this is the residents’ home after all. You need to act quickly to keep everyone safe and you need to support relatives and loved ones.

My role’s a lot more than just maintenance! I love meeting new residents and their relatives and helping to make their rooms homely – even taking them to the pub or for a drive in the country.

It’s lovely working in a new home and great for residents to live somewhere so nice. We have a great team and a great manager and things are really positive.

Angela Wickins


The best part of my role is meeting new people and getting to know them – particularly residents and relatives. It’s very rewarding knowing that you’re helping people as much as you can. Sometimes, the people you meet are at a low point – it can be very challenging moving into residential care, or choosing a home for a loved one, so being kind, welcoming and caring is all-important.

Away from work I like to relax by watching films with a glass of wine, and I enjoy sewing. 

Jan Cottingham

Head housekeeper

I joined Heather View in 2015. I’d worked in retail for over 20 years and I fancied a career change. It was a huge challenge to leave a sector I was experienced in and start in a completely new one. But although I loved working in retail, working at Heather View is more rewarding. 

Making a great home for older people is hard. Every resident is different and you need to be caring, strong, patient and friendly, but it’s fantastic to be able to make a difference to residents. And you can do that just by chatting to them and having a laugh. It’s very rewarding when you make them smile.

I’ve got a great team at Heather View; they’re friendly and hard-working and we all get on well. The home in general has a lovely friendly atmosphere, which everyone comments on.

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