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11 of the best activities to do with your loved one

11 of the best activities to do with your loved one

It’s important to ensure your loved one’s life remains as fulfilled as possible as they get older.

There are a variety of activities that older people can take part in to help maintain their independence, as well as continuing hobbies which they have done throughout their lives. Read on for to find out more:

   1. Baking

Appetites decrease with age so baking is a great way to entice older people to eat more. It’s also a fun activity that can be enjoyed by all. 

   2. Birdwatching

Spending time outdoors allows older people to be at one with nature, which has many benefits, particularly those living with dementia. Take time to listen to the sounds of the bird song and identify different species in the garden.

   3. Arts and crafts

Arts and crafts are a great way to keep hands and minds busy, as well as helping your loved one express their creative side. If communication has become more challenging, getting involved with crafts can be a new and soothing outlet.

   4. Knitting

This is a popular past time for many older people and a great way to maintain dexterity in your fingers.

   5. Reading

Reading stimulates the mind and imagination which is especially important in older age. If your loved one has a visual impairment, or is living with dementia, try reading aloud as interactive reading sessions can aid communication.  

   6. Gardening

There are plenty of things to do in the garden from tending to flower beds to planting a vegetable patch. But even if it’s just taking the time to sit in the garden, outdoor activities have proven benefits for older people.

   7. Listening to music

Even when memories become particularly hard to remember, often music can still be recalled. Taking the time to listen to an old record can be calming, especially for those living with dementia, and can encourage them to talk about memories from their childhood.

   8. Watching a film

Watching an old black and white movie can be very evocative for older people, bringing back memories and taking them back to their younger years.

   9. Time for tea

Sharing a pot of tea is a great social activity to do with your loved one. Why not visit a local café and have a slice of cake too.  

   10. Puzzles

Nothing is better for memory and cognitive function than working on a puzzle or playing a board game. Puzzles keep the mind sharp and old board games can help bring back memories from your loved one’s childhood.

   11. Get online

Keeping in touch with family is really important for maintaining health and happiness, but if your loved one isn’t able to get out the house or travel very far it can be difficult to get much social interaction. By using an an online video programme like Skype, your loved one can keep in touch with those closest to them no matter where they live.


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