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What others have to say

What others have to say

Getting regular and honest feedback from our customers gives us a vital health check.

They tell us what’s working well and what could be improved. Seeing our care homes through their eyes gives us ideas of ways to make our homes even better.

We’d love to hear your feedback and there are lots of ways to get in touch with us. Our contact us page has plenty of information about who to call. If you prefer, you can complete our online form.

Here are just some of the comments we’ve received from family members of Care UK care home residents:

Scarlet House

“Not only do they know my mum, they also know me. It's clear they have a genuine interest. It impresses me because they could do their job very well but not be as thoughtful. The fact they are, is brilliant. Not only do they treat my mother with kindness, dignity and respect but also with love and attention.”

Relative of a resident – Nov 2016


“They are interested in him; about his life and childhood. They have a genuine interest and have a laugh and joke with him. They do their very best to chat about his family life and to make him more comfortable.”

Mrs S – Nov 2016

Colne View

“Every time you go to Colne View, you feel so good as you walk in; people at reception and around the area make you feel good, welcoming and friendly, fantastic management, happy and smiley people. Never feel like I don't want to be there. The staff can't do enough for you. Made to feel special all the time despite there being over 70 people in the home.”

Mrs G – Nov 2016


“I fully trust them, always see the same people when I go in so the regular uptake of care is always good. Nothing upsets dad and he feels at home. His care worker is usually there and I can see that Dad fully trusts him. They always take time to talk to me.”

Relative of a resident – Nov 2016

The Potteries

“The people who work there treat my mother and other residents as individuals and if there is something wrong or they are upset they will sit with them and give them a hug. It's like it's their own mother.”

Relative of a resident – Nov 2016

Bowes House

“They're very generous with him. Generous with their time, they chat to him. If they don't know I'm there and I hear them chatting it's lovely. They don't know when I'm coming at all, but they're always very respectful.”

Ms M – Nov 2016

Hartismere Place

“I trust them absolutely. I know how well she is looked after and treated.”

Mrs A – Nov 2016


“Overall I believe that the care home does a great job and I am pleased with what goes on. I would recommend it to others and tell them that they wouldn't find a better home. We initially visited about six care homes around the area and Ambleside seemed the best but now she has moved in I am in no doubt that it is the best home in the area.”

Mr W – Nov 2016

Brook Court

“My mother is 99 and she is loved and cared for and what more can I ask for. I cannot fault the care she gets.  If they are concerned about her, they keep me informed and she does know she is looked after as well.”

Relative of a resident – Nov 2016

Prince George House

“They know my mum's needs. She knows them all. I know them all, they are like friends. They are so good to my mum.”

Relative of a resident – Nov 2016 

Clara Court

“Clara Court is the most wonderful home and I am so glad our friend is here. She is looked after with love, dignity, kindness and we are so happy to know this. All the staff are wonderful, kind, loving and patient. Thank you to everyone.”

Friend of a resident – Oct 2016

Mills Meadow

“My mother has dementia. From the moment she arrived at Mills Meadow she felt happy and safe. Each time I visit she asks me if I am taking her home - she is always delighted that she doesn't have to return home and can remain at Mills Meadow! The staff are wonderful throughout - they really do care. The atmosphere is always very warm and welcoming from the moment you arrive at the care home. Dementia is very difficult to live with but the care and expertise at Mills Meadow have been a revolution. My mother is happy and the staff are always at hand 24/7.”

Relative of a resident – Nov 2016


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