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Care UK care homes celebrate World Read Aloud Day

March 1 2017

Care UK care homes across the country hit the books for a day of storytelling to celebrate World Read Aloud Day.

On Thursday 16th February, Care UK teams nationwide opened their doors to local communities for an exclusive screening of our World Read Aloud Day film — featuring an international Storyteller.

The film featured Storyteller Laureate, Taffy Thomas MBE, performing a story and providing tips and advice for reading aloud, as well as the Abney Court team members and residents.

St Vincent’s House in Hammersmith hosted the screening of the Care UK film at Hammersmith Library, where they were joined by members of the community and also took part in a fun reading session.

Cedrus House care home in Stowmarket invited local storyteller, Alan Jones, to read aloud with the residents, as well as showcasing the short film.

Abney Court in Cheadle rolled out the red carpet for the premiere of the film. They also created a ‘poetry corner’ and ‘short story corner’ in the care home’s family room, and the care team even dressed up as their favourite story book characters.

Care UK teams in Colne View in Halstead, and in Bowes House in Hailsham, used the opportunity to launch their own weekly book clubs to encourage residents and loved ones to follow Taffy’s tips all year round.

Residents from Care UK’s Appleby House care home in Epsom were joined by pupils from Epsom Primary School, who came prepared with some of their favorite short stories and poems to read aloud to the residents.

World Read Aloud Day is an annual event which celebrates the importance of reading aloud and sharing stories, and it is celebrated by millions of people in more than 100 countries.

Home manager, Shona Bradbury, explained why Appleby House is one of many Care UK care homes that took part in World Read Aloud Day: “Reading aloud has many therapeutic benefits for older people. It is calming for those living with dementia, helpful for those with failing eyesight, and soothing for those unable to communicate. It is also an enjoyable activity that family and friends can do with their loved one when paying them a visit. 

“The film really bought to life the benefits of reading aloud. Taffy is an incredibly expressive storyteller, and he really transports listeners to the fictional worlds in his stories. We enjoyed welcoming the local community into the home and had a delightful day of storytelling and the opportunity to discuss favourite books and classic literature.”

Taffy Thomas MBE, said: “I’m thrilled to have supported Care UK in this brilliant initiative to celebrate World Read Aloud Day helping to encourage people to share the benefits of storytelling and embrace the power of reading aloud, as no matter what their age or ability, this is an activity for all.”

For more information on which Care UK homes took part in the World Read Aloud Day, please go to

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