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Rick Mayne, home manager

I’ve worked for Care UK since 2013 and joined because I wanted to work for a growing company that provided the highest level of care for residents. 

In this role there’s no standing still. As well as listening to residents and your team you need to inspire them to do their best and all while looking for ways to improve the way we work and deliver the best. However, there are always moments to enjoy seeing residents enjoying the lifestyle that living here gives them. 

In my free time I love travelling and camping. I’ve visted Europe, America and some of Asia. I like travelling around in my old VW campervan. 

Dean Trodd, customer relations manager

I joined Care UK because the company strives to deliver excellent care for residents, develops its people and works closely with charities, groups and the local community. In fact, in order to showcase what Sherwood Grange has to offer, I’ve been doing the same: organising events here at the home for local carers, residents and professionals to give information and support for families with potentially difficult decisions to make. While the schedules have been tight, it’s been great to see the finished product.

I’m relishing being part of a strong, compassionate team that’s striving to be the best in the area, and I love seeing the team engaging with residents. It’s then that you can really see the difference quality care makes to residents’ lives.

Nirmal Panesar, head chef

Before I joined Sherwood Grange I worked in another care home – I find the care sector very rewarding to work in. It’s also very challenging: residents have all sorts of dietary needs and we need to ensure they’re getting the nutrients they need while making the menus we’re creating tempting for them.

I like impressing residents with delicious food and creative displays. I love using food to help them to enjoy life and be happy. I’m looking forward to building relationships with residents, colleagues and visitors – as well as creating mouth-watering dishes for them!


Parul Patel, business administrator

I decided to join Care UK because their ethos is to help older people to live a happier life. I personally share that ethos too, so it seemed like a good fit for me. 

I think a good business administrator should be motivated and organised but be caring and approachable for residents and colleagues. I want people to feel they can come and talk to me and ask for help whenever they need it. I’m really excited about being a part of a new care home as we start on our journey together. It will be a great experience to see the home grow and welcome new residents.  


Zainab Sillah, team leader

I’ve worked as a team leader at another care home provider before I joined Care UK. The company is really investing in, and evolving, its care services and I’m excited to be part of that. 

I’m passionate about coaching colleagues and working with them to achieve and maintain high standards of service. Gaining the trust, respect and commitment of your team and being prepared to be hands on too is vital for growing teamwork in a new home and I’m excited about the opportunity we have here to excel from the start. 






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