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Sherwood Grange

Find out what some residents and families have to say about their time in Sherwood Grange

My mother stayed at Sherwood Grange on a respite basis for a month in November/December 2017. The rooms, common areas and facilities are excellent with lovely furnishings. She was very well looked after and encouraged to participate in activities. All the staff were friendly and seemed very good but I know a couple went beyond the call of duty taking her out etc. The environment is very pleasant, well designed and extremely clean. I would definitely recommend Sherwood Grange and my mother will be going back this year. I looked into a number of homes in the area and this one definitely stood out as the best. The management were also extremely easy to deal with and accommodating. Thank you to all at Sherwood Grange

Daughter of resident - February 2018 

I’m just writing to say a big thank you for getting my Mother to join in on the excursion to Hoxton Hall.  She was talking about it today and she really seemed to have enjoyed herself.  I saw Vas today and he said that everyone was trying hard to get Mother involved and it looks like it is working.  Thanks again.

Son of resident – January 2018

I would like to say a huge thank you for all your help received over the past eight months. Without this experience, I would not have been able to progress further in my study and ultimately, my career.

The experience gained at Sherwood Grange abled me to audition, and further, be accepted to study a Master Degree (MA) in Dance Movement Psychotherapy. All staff were so interested in my future profession and welcomed me onto their team with open arms.

I was able to express my ideas and put them into sessions which I led every Thursday with the residents. Working with Dementia and Alzheimer’s gave me an insight to the sort of conditions I will be working with regularly in the future, and also gave me a huge head start in building my knowledge.

I am humbled to have been given such an opportunity and would love to keep in touch in the future. 

Rheanna, student – October 2017

The home is just great and it suits my mum.

Relative of a resident, August 2017

Thank you for taking the time to show my daughter and myself around the wonderful Sherwood Grange, particularly on such a busy day for you. We were both so impressed. It is not a care home - it is a proper home, and the communal areas appear to be merely extensions of each resident’s room. 

So much thought must have gone into the planning and detail of the layout and décor, but the most impressive aspect of all were your staff - smiling, friendly and interacting with residents and visitors alike. The lady who had greeted us and was about to go and find you should be commended. She apologised and excused herself to hold the hand and reassure a resident who was a bit overcome by all the ‘hubbub’. An absolutely voluntary and reflex action of putting the resident first, that was worth far more than any advertising.

Sherwood Grange as a building is delightful, but it was the attitude and atmosphere that won me over - and I think my mum could benefit so much from being with you.

Relative of a resident, July 2017

The staff have taken the time to get to know [dad] and they have asked relatives questions as to what he likes and dislikes. They have asked about his past to know more about him. They seem to have gone the extra mile to get the best for him.

Relative of a resident, May 2017

Thank you and your team for the efforts to make Dad’s birthday special. The sandwiches, scones, tea and coffe were very good, the room was laid out very well and everyone enjoyed themselves. Dad was visibly happy with his 80th celebrations and we had many smiles. Please thank everyone for making this such a memorable day.

Sonia Deverson Young, daughter of resident, May 2017

Thank you very much for all of your great care, love and help while I was a resident in Sherwood Grange. I was sorry to leave and will be back to visit again soon.

Judy Tomlinsons, resident, April 2017

Thank you to you and your team for arranging a recent outing for Sheila so that she could see her younger sister Katherine in another care home. It was a poingnant day for them, however it is reassuring that she is having being cared for with kindness and compassion. We were immensely impressed with Sherwood Granges efficiency and care on the day.

Irene and Peter Smith, son of resident, March 2017

A huge thank you to you and everyone involved in todays outing, all efforts are greatly appreciated

Ian Marriner, family member of resident, February 2017

Dear Rick, Dean and all the staff, many thanks for a wonderful stay at your hospitable care home, fabulous.

Jane Ware, resident, February 2017

They are doing a very good job there. Staff are very friendly and have been very caring towards my mum which is great. I must add that they have also been very supportive and caring towards us as a family. The staff are great with children too.  We have held one of her great, great grandchildren birthday parties in the home for her. I would say it is a place for people of all ages.

Relative of a resident, November 2016

It is a wonderful thing for me to know that [mum] is happy and all family members agree… I have nothing but praise for the home and I tell everyone about it. I want to give my doctor a brochure because I would definitely recommend Sherwood Grange to anyone.

Relative of a resident, November 2016         

They are high quality staff that interact well.

Relative of a resident, November 2016

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