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Our residential care homes have been specifically designed to help people stay independent for longer.

We understand how daunting moving into a residential care home can be and do everything we can to make people feel welcome and at home.

The benefits of residential care homes

Living in a residential care home has a number of benefits. The most obvious is that our friendly and professional team will be on hand to deliver support at any time of day or night. We recruit people as much for their caring passionate nature as experience, and this means our care homes are run by compassionate and inspirational individuals who really put their own individual stamp on the home. For example, you might want to meet Sarah Evans at Station House who uses visits from donkeys from a local sanctuary to improve the wellbeing of residents, or Elaine Carruthers who has created a lively and friendly day club at the Orchard Centre in Epsom.

However, they also give people access to a fun and thriving community – a place where they can make friends among other residents and also among the staff. Crucial to doing this is making sure everyone has a stake in the running of the care homes. We have regular meetings with residents in which they can tell us about how they view life in the home and any suggestions they have for changes. Residents have a full say in the planning of menus and what we do each and every day.

Activity and independence                                     

Our philosophy is to provide what we call Activity Based Care. This means looking for opportunities for residents to be as active as possible. As part of our initial assessment, we will understand what their capabilities are and just how much they can do on their own. We will give people the time and space to do more for themselves, which raises self esteem and encourages greater independence.

Use our service locator to find a residential home close to you. If you have any questions or would like further information, please contact us or call us direct on 0333 321 8305.


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