Caring for people with dementia

  • Caring for people with dementia

We have one aim - to help our clients live happier, healthier and more fulfilling lives.

Although we have a long track record in excellent dementia care, we are not complacent about the care services we provide and are always looking for ways to improve. We recently challenged our teams to come up with new and creative ways to improve the experience for our clients and what they came back with has changed our approach significantly.

Take a look at our brochure on dementia care to better understand your options.

As Easy As ABC - a practical guide for families living with dementia

Care UK has published a free new guide to help families caring for a loved one living with dementia.
The publication, As Easy as ABC, is based on our philosophy of Activity Based Care and brings together 100 practical suggestions from specialist teams working in care homes across the country.

The guide is perfect for anyone caring for someone in their own home and those who want to make the most of their visits to loved ones who have moved into residential care.

>> Download your copy of the As Easy as ABC guide here

Unique training

We’ve developed an innovative staff training programme in which participants spend a day experiencing first-hand what it is like to live with dementia. Participants wear gloves, goggles and earphones which simulate the effects of ageing and are taken through a range of activities designed to simulate the impact of dementia. Many of our team members have experienced true eureka moments during this training as they better appreciate the challenges many of our clients face and recognise the importance of their role as care and support workers.

Staying active

We believe that an active lifestyle is key to improving quality of life and helping people to stay as happy and healthy as possible. Whether we are providing support in the home or care in a residential setting, our team will assist clients in pursuing interests and hobbies which stimulate and entertain them.

Our care homes have daily activity programmes which include a wide range of activities such as painting, gardening and games as well as trips to the theatre, local parks and other places and events of interest. Similarly, our home support workers are matched to customers on the basis of shared interests, thus enabling them to provide assistance with hobbies as diverse as stamp-collecting and baking.

What all of our teams have in common is a belief in setting achievable aims and encouraging people to continue with as many everyday tasks as possible in order to improve self-confidence and maintain independence.

A personal relationship

We recognise that our people are far and away our most valuable asset and that our high standards of care can only be met by carefully selected, motivated and able individuals. Whether they are care workers in a residential setting or enablers providing support at home, our teams will go the extra mile to build strong personal relationships with our clients.

We call our approach person-centred planning, which essentially means we take the time to understand the people we support and care for, learn their life story and meet their family and friends so that we can understand how best to meet their needs and improve their quality of life. We understand the importance of detail and have seen the positive impact we can make just by knowing small details such as a favourite song, film or hobby.

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