Day care clubs

  • A Care UK day carer and two day care residents playing cards

We provide a friendly environment in which people can receive support, make friends and have fun.

We operate 12 day care clubs around the country. These are ideal for people who are still living at home, but who may require assistance and support during the day. We believe the people who come to us should not feel they are coming to a care facility, but a place where they can learn skills, make friends and have fun.

A good day out

We want people to not only feel welcome, but a valued part of the day club environment. Our members take an active part in daily life, laying the tables for lunch and helping out those who may be less able. We realise that many of the people who come to our clubs don’t feel they need to be ‘looked after’, so we treat everyone as important members of our team. This helps everyone to feel valued, to have a full active day and to go home tired but happy.

Fun and activities

Each of our day care clubs runs a series of activities which are driven by the hobbies and interests of our members. While our team will plan a programme for each day, this is very flexible and is regularly amended if there are particular activities our members are interested in pursuing. Activities can range from board games and jigsaw puzzles to gardening, social occasions or entertainment events.

We understand the positive impact that keeping active can have on health and wellbeing and aim to not only ensure that everyone enjoys their day, but that they are stimulated and engaged. And after a full day, many of our members are happy to go home and relax, ready for a good night’s sleep. 

We have day care clubs located in:

To find out more, have a look at this video about daily life at the Orchard Centre. If you have any questions or would like further information, please contact us or call us direct on 0333 321 8305.

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