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We think everyone has a personal best and are committed to helping our clients identify and achieve their individual goals.

Our expertise and experience spans a broad range of mental health issues, ranging from short term problems through to severe and long term illnesses. Ultimately, all our services have the same goal – to help our clients live the most independent and fulfilling life possible.

Residential recovery services

Our residential recovery services provide individually tailored care and support for people with long term mental health issues. We work with them to develop the motivation, insight and skills they need to move from highly supported settings, such as a care home, to living as independently as possible.  

Complex care recovery services

We have used our experience and understanding of complex mental health conditions to develop the complex care recovery service - a new approach to residential recovery which combines different living environments to provide the right level of care and support when and where it is needed.

Eating disorder treatment and care

We are specialists in the treatment of all kinds of eating disorders in children, teenagers and adults. We help people seeking treatment for the first time and those looking for care and support to overcome a long-term eating disorder. Our warm and welcoming teams work with each client to develop a personal treatment plan to achieve clear goals - we want our clients to live their life, not their disorder.

Complex needs

We work with women and young people who have very challenging mental health needs and behaviours to help them move ahead with their lives in a positive way. Our clients have typically come from a traumatic background and need intensive support and input. This includes assistance with daily tasks and regular sessions with psychologists, therapists, occupational therapists and psychiatrists. 

Dementia and Alzheimer’s treatment

We also provide a range of services from those suffering Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia. Our innovative training helps our team experience and appreciate the challenges of living with dementia and has helped us develop a unique perspective on living with this condition.  

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