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We believe it’s important not just to be in business, but to be doing good at the same time.

As one of the largest independent providers of health and social care services in the UK we believe we have a responsibility to operate in a way which creates social value to the communities in which we operate. This means behaving ethically in all our business dealings and having a positive impact on the lives of the people we touch.

Green living

We’re always looking to reduce the environmental impact of our day to day business. This starts from simple things such as recycling, reducing energy consumption in our office buildings and looking at more environmentally friendly options for business travel.

Employee engagement

It’s important that employees share the overall ethos of the company. Wherever people are working, whether it’s on the front line in a health centre or providing support from one of our offices, they are part of an organisation which plays an important role in society. We all have a responsibility to behave ethically and to do our jobs as well as possible.

Responsible procurement

The best way we can all encourage a more socially responsible world is by looking for social value when spending money. We’ve introduced a benchmarking system which helps us in the procurement process. This allows us to ensure the people we buy from fit in with our social and environmental values.

Working with the community

We believe in engaging with the local community wherever we work. For example, we often form partnerships with local schools, giving pupils the chance to exhibit artwork or put on plays in facilities such as our care homes. This not only improves the wellbeing of our residents but provides an excellent opportunity for pupils to learn from the long and rich lives of our residents.

Across the country, our teams are working over time to make a difference with fundraising activities ranging from sponsored local walks to major international adventures. With our pound for pound matching programme, we ensure we double the impact of our teams' fundraising efforts.



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