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0333 321 0923

Care enquiry lines open Mon-Tue 8:30am-8:00pm,
Wed-Fri 8:30am-5:30pm, Sat 8:30am-5pm,
Sun 10am-4pm

0333 321 0923

Care enquiry lines open Mon-Tue 8:30am-8:00pm,
Wed-Fri 8:30am-5:30pm, Sat 8:30am-5pm,
Sun 10am-4pm

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Julia Joy - Home Manager - Care UK

Julia Joy

Home Manager

I’m a registered nurse and I used to work in hospitals. However, I’ve been a care home manager since 2000. It was the best move for me – I find working in care homes far more satisfying. 

I used to work for Care UK and was keen to rejoin the organisation: it strives to deliver the highest quality care, dignity and respect for residents. As a company it is also very supportive of its colleagues.

I love talking to residents, learning about their lives and meeting their families. I have a fantastic team here and I enjoy chatting to colleagues: they help and support me to do my job and they have some superb ideas about how we can improve residents’ lives, and make Ambleside a wonderful place to live. 

Donna Wakelam - Deputy Manager - Care UK

Donna Wakelam

Deputy Manager

I’ve worked in care home management for about 20 years – before joining Care UK I worked in the same small care home company for 17 years. I joined Care UK as clinical lead at Ambleside before being promoted to deputy manager. 

I enjoy the walk around the home that I always do first thing in the morning. I catch up with colleagues and say hello to residents; I’ll try to have a cup of tea with them and see how they are. My aim is always to treat every person with dignity and respect, just as I myself would want to be treated. 

One of the things I’m proudest of in my career is completing my Level 5 Diploma in Leadership for Health and Social Care, which I did while working full time and looking after my family. Working in social care certainly teaches you how to juggle multiple tasks!

Gary Hulme - Customer Relations Manager - Care UK

Gary Hulme

Customer Relations Manager

I wanted to join the Ambleside team because Care UK is known in the sector as being one of the best care providers. I’m delighted to work with the most amazing people who are delivering fantastic care and making Ambleside a wonderful home from home for residents.

What’s the most important part of my job? I think genuinely listening to, and having empathy with, families is vital in this position. I’m determined to help people to navigate the difficult journey of finding care for a loved one. I’ve been in the same boat and I appreciate the many emotions that are going on for them. It’s a fantastic feeling to hear the relief in a person’s voice or see it in their face when they realise they’re talking to someone who understands and cares.

Probably the best part of my day is when I first arrive. As I’m walking into the home I always get a wave from one of the residents from the upstairs window. I wave back and that little connection sets me up for the day. My day starts with a smile!

In my free time I enjoy country walks, watching documentaries or holidaying somewhere close to nature. I also follow Formula One, and have been to a few races.

Wendy Fojtik - Lifestyle Lead - Care UK

Wendy Fojtik

Lifestyle Lead

I’ve worked at Ambleside before but had some time away working for a charity and then running my own business. When I saw this role, I knew that my nursing knowledge and previous experience would be transferable, so I applied.

I’m passionate about helping residents to enjoy the lifestyle they want – choice is all-important. Every day is rewarding, and every day is different because helping so many different people to enjoy meaningful activities keeps me on my toes! But I love it when an activity has gone well and residents are talking about it.

In my spare time I volunteer at a local Brownie group. It’s great fun working with a different generation – I’ve been doing it for over ten years.  

Matthew Bond - Head Chef - Care UK

Matthew Bond

Head Chef

I’m an experienced care home chef and I wanted to join Care UK because it has a great reputation for being an excellent company to work for, and for the way it puts residents first. It’s also very innovative in its approach to food and dining.

As Head Chef at Ambleside, I work hard to understand each resident’s nutritional needs and to meet them with healthy food they’ll love. I work closely with the clinical team as well as dietitians/nutritionists to ensure residents’ health and wellbeing are maximised – whether they need a particular type of diet, or need help getting more calories into their meals.

I enjoy meal times, when I can see residents enjoying the food we’ve made, and I can gain their feedback. I’m always trying to improve what we do. In the few years that I’ve been at Ambleside, I’ve developed a reliable and talented team. We enjoy what we do, we enjoy working together, and we enjoy bringing new menu ideas to life to benefit residents.

Sharron Makepeace-Lane - Business Administrator - Care UK

Sharron Makepeace-Lane

Business Administrator

I used to run a cash office for two large supermarkets, as well as my own family business for many years. When this role came up and a friend, who works here, suggested I’d be good at it, I thought I’d give it a go. I was delighted to discover I’d got the job as I wasn’t sure I had the right qualifications.

I like getting in first thing in the morning and seeing what needs doing, as you never know what each day will bring – I enjoy the variety that brings. While the challenges can be different each day, being a good listener and being determined to solve problems is something that you always need. What I’m also really enjoying is having the chance to get to know the residents.

Sharon Braithwaite - Head Housekeeper and Infection Prevention and Control Champion - Care UK

Sharon Braithwaite

Head Housekeeper and Infection Prevention and Control Champion

I used to work in hotels before moving to the care sector. While you meet lots of different people in the hotel industry, I really enjoy working for residents, talking to them and their families, and helping to make every day that little bit easier or more special if I can. It’s more interesting than hotel work.

There’s quite a lot to being a head housekeeper – looking after the housekeeping team and ensuring everything runs smoothly, and there’s a fair bit of paperwork.

I'm also the Infection Prevention & Control (IPC) Champion for Ambleside care home. It's my job to establish and maintain a high standard of hygiene and cleanliness so that residents, colleagues and visitors keep safe. I ensure that all colleagues are well trained in infection control, and I'm on hand at all times to ensure colleagues are working to the highest standards.

When I’m not at work I like to relax by walking the dog and enjoying some retail therapy with my daughter!

Richard Jones - Maintenance - Care UK

Richard Jones


I joined the Ambleside team in 2019, having been a Tesco home delivery driver for a long time. I fancied a fresh challenge and the chance to stay in one place! I enjoy completing hands-on tasks, and I felt I’d be able to contribute a lot to the home, the residents and the team. In my second month in the job I received the ‘Going the Extra Mile’ award, which is given out to colleagues each month – that was a genuine highlight!

Every day is different and the atmosphere in the home is amazing. There’s always plenty to do too. I like all aspects of my job, whether it’s chatting to residents and their families, catching up with paperwork, or finding new ways to support my colleagues. I like ticking off the tasks I’ve done around the home; it means that I’m doing my bit to help, and the home is safe for everyone.

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