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We support residents to get the most out of every day

At Ambleside, every team member makes meaningful activity an essential part of care, so residents can live each day in the way they want.

For every resident we create a lifestyle plan to support residents to enjoy meaningful experiences and activities that reflect their unique interests.

Some people like to take part in everyday tasks around the home that give them a sense of purpose and help them to retain their independence. So when you visit Ambleside, you may find residents watering the plants or laying the tables for lunch, while others might be helping in the garden.

You’ll also find different group activities going on, from baking and music sessions to quizzes and seated exercise classes. Our colleagues also spend quality one-to-one time with residents, and we get out and about as often as we can too, from day trips to local attractions, lunch at a local pub or a trip to the local garden centre.

This video is a wonderful example of how we support residents to enjoy meaningful experiences and activities at Ambleside, which illustrates the whole team’s passion for enriching residents' lives. 

We only have to look at the residents' smiles and we know we have got it right.