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Caring for parents survey

Would you care for your parents?

At Care UK we know how important it is to talk to older loved ones about their preferences for care should the time come when they’re no longer able to look after themselves. Having that conversation sooner rather than later will mean you’re more likely to make the right decision for everyone involved.

But are people having that conversation with their parents? If they’re not, why aren’t they, and what can we do to help older parents and children to talk more openly about potential care options?

We decided to survey 2,000 people with parents over the age of 60 to discover their attitudes to their parents’ care.

What we discovered

We asked these people a range of questions, including if they would be able or willing to look after their parents, whether they had talked to their parents about potential care scenarios, and what would prevent them from supporting their parents. The results make interesting reading…

Ten per cent said that it was a topic that either they or their parents refuse to discuss.

As few as one in ten people said the subject had come up once but had proved too upsetting.

Finding good quality care can be a challenge, so we’ve asked some relatives to share their experiences in the video below.

What else did we find out?

  • Less than a third (28%) would have their parents live with them.
  • The top five reasons why they wouldn’t be able to look after their parents were:
    • Our house isn’t big enough
    • I don’t think I could cope
    • I don’t have that sort of relationship with my parents
    • I lack the necessary skills required to care for them
    • Work commitments wouldn’t make it feasible
  • Although one in five people said their parents’ welfare is a constant worry, only 5% discuss future care plans with their parents regularly.
  • Of those who had not discussed future plans with their parents, 44% said it was not something they worry about right now.
  • 23% say it’s too depressing a topic to discuss.
  • 21% say they don’t know enough about the care options available.

Radio interview

Click play below to listen to a short clip of our radio interview with Talking Health

Support, guidance and understanding

With 20% of people feeling fearful and 33% feeling guilty about potentially having to arrange external care for their parents, it’s no surprise that many people find it difficult to approach the topic with their loved ones. The issue can raise complex feelings and emotions in everyone involved which you understandably may be keen to avoid.

Finding the right information

Learning about the care options available can often make all the difference and you may be surprised to find out how flexible they can be. We offer a range of services that can be entirely tailored to suit your loved one’s needs, whether they’re likely to want to continue living at home or to move into the comfort of a state-of-the-art care home.

Start the conversation – with us

At Care UK we’ve helped tens of thousands of families over the years to find a solution that’s right for them. We can suggest ideas and give you an idea of how much various options might cost. We also partner with renowned financial advisors, Ashcourt Rowan, who can talk you through funding options for long-term care, including any benefits you may be entitled to.

Above all, you’ll be surprised at the flexibility and breadth of what we offer, and how we’re dedicated to supporting all your family throughout the process.

Whether you’re simply thinking ahead or if you have a more pressing need, contact us with your query, or call our helpful and experienced team on 0333 321 8305.

Lines are open 8am to 8pm, Monday to Friday and 9am to 5pm at weekends.

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