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Care enquiry lines open Mon-Tue 8:30am-8:00pm,
Wed-Fri 8:30am-5:30pm, Sat 8:30am-5pm,
Sun 10am-4pm

0333 434 3011

Care enquiry lines open Mon-Tue 8:30am-8:00pm,
Wed-Fri 8:30am-5:30pm, Sat 8:30am-5pm,
Sun 10am-4pm

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Nisha Sujeewon - Home Manager - Care UK

Nisha Sujeewon

Home Manager

I joined Cathkin House in February 2021 and I was encouraged to join Care UK as I had heard about the diversity of the company - the caring practice and the values of the company says everything.

I have been working in the care industry for 20 years now. I came to Scotland as a general registered nurse from Mauritius and with the support of my peers I worked my way up the career ladder.

One of my biggest career highlights has been the awards I’ve won in my previous care homes. I’m proud to have won awards within the company, a Scottish care award as well as a community award for the care delivery in my home and engagement with the community.

As a home manager, you need to be a good listener, patient and compassionate towards both your residents and staff. I believe you lead by example rather than being the boss.

I am looking forward to promoting excellence in dementia in the home. I am also focusing on developing the person-centred care approach in the home, enablement, and implementing more meaningful activities.

When I’m not working I like to spend time as a family. We go for walks, cycling and hiking a lot, especially during summertime. Most importantly, I am a big fan of motor racing Formula 1.

Valerie Easton - Deputy Manager/Clinical Lead - Care UK

Valerie Easton

Deputy Manager/Clinical Lead

My background is in nursing, which has even taken me to the Middle East. I’ve worked in care homes for some time, and I started working for Care UK in 2010. 

It’s a good company to work for: very focused on quality – and rightly so. Right now we’re embedding a new electronic medication management system, and a new roster system. They’ll make a big difference to how we work. 

Cathkin House is a lovely home – friendly, inviting and warm. There’s a good team here too, and we work together well. I always look forward to the afternoons here, as the busy morning is over and we can take time to chat to residents and their families.  

Rebecca Rennie - Lifestyle Coordinator - Care UK

Rebecca Rennie

Lifestyle Coordinator

I studied drama at university, which has given me the tools to come up with new and exciting ideas for activities. It’s also taught me the value of team work. I joined the Care UK team in 2020 as I was keen to do a role that was fulfilling. I used to work in hospitality but I was keen to do something where I could make a difference.

I enjoy seeing the residents having fun, laughing and smiling – I go home knowing I’ve done a good job. It’s a huge highlight for me getting to know the residents, learning about their lives. I’ve learnt so much.

I’m looking forward to finding out more about everyone we support, and coming up with new ways for them to thrive and live independent lives at Cathkin House.

Veronica Innes - Lifestyle Coordinator - Care UK

Veronica Innes

Lifestyle Coordinator

It is a pleasure to be able to do a job I love so much. In 2005 I joined the team at Cathkin House but before becoming a lifestyle coordinator I worked as a carer. I love my job - every day is joyful.

Knowing I made a small difference in someone’s day makes a huge difference in mine.  It can be challenging at times but with patience and care, I always get the job done. Outside of work I like to spend time with my grandchildren. I also enjoy many hobbies such as painting, drawing and dancing – I’m even teaching myself how to tap dance!

Christine McEwan - Lifestyle Coordinator - Care UK

Christine McEwan

Lifestyle Coordinator

 I love working in social care – in fact, I was a Senior Care Assistant for many years. I’ve also worked as a Chef for East Renfrewshire Council. That’s the role I was doing before I joined the team at Cathkin House.

I love every part of my day at Cathkin House. Being with residents, making them happy and supporting them to lead a meaningful life is incredibly rewarding. I’m passionate about helping people to lead a fulfilling life – it’s my mission!

One of the best parts of my role is meeting new people and getting to know them, whether they’re residents, colleagues or residents’ relatives. In this role you can truly make a difference to lots of different people’s lives. It’s extremely rewarding.

Outside of work I enjoy spending time with family and friends, and taking my dog for walks. I also love cooking, baking and DIY. 

Anne Scott - Unit Manager Clinical - Care UK

Anne Scott

Unit Manager Clinical

When I first came to interview at Cathkin House I was made to feel instantly at home and very welcome. That’s what I like about it here; the home has such a lovely atmosphere and it is a great place to work.

Being promoted from nurse to unit manager has been a career highlight of mine. It can be challenging at times but my team here are fantastic and a great source of knowledge. I enjoy looking after and getting to know the residents, it’s the smallest things like a morning greeting that can make my day extra special.

I enjoy my job – no day is the same. When I’m not at work I love to spend time with my husband and our grandchildren.

Sandra Murray - Unit Manager - Care UK

Sandra Murray

Unit Manager

I’m a qualified Nurse, and was a Staff Nurse before I joined the Cathkin House team in 2019. I’ve also worked in palliative care.

I’d heard about the home and its commitment to person-centred care, and I was keen to get involved. I love having the chance to take time out and chat to the residents to get to know them better and enhance their quality of life. It’s not something you have time to do when you work in a hospital.

I’m looking forward to being a role model for the team and working with them to provide the very best personalised care to Cathkin House residents.

Octavio Hernandez Padilla - Maintenance - Care UK

Octavio Hernandez Padilla


I joined the Cathkin House team in 2017. I used to be self-employed, but I wanted a maintenance job with a little more reliability. I also thought that working in a care home would be a challenge, and something a bit different.

In my role I think it’s important to respect everyone, and to be kind, as well as be prepared to turn your hand to all sorts of tasks. Every day is different here, and I love supporting the residents in any way I can. I take pride in doing a good job for each person we care for, and in supporting my colleagues whenever they need me.

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