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Care enquiry lines open Mon-Tue 8:30am-8:00pm,
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0333 321 1987

Care enquiry lines open Mon-Tue 8:30am-8:00pm,
Wed-Fri 8:30am-5:30pm, Sat 8:30am-5pm,
Sun 10am-4pm

0333 321 1987

Care enquiry lines open Mon-Tue 8:30am-8:00pm,
Wed-Fri 8:30am-5:30pm, Sat 8:30am-5pm,
Sun 10am-4pm

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Michelle Webster - Home Manager - Care UK

Michelle Webster

Home Manager

I’ve been a nurse for 30 years and worked as a prison nurse for a time, which I really enjoyed. But before joining Care UK in March 2014 I was managing a large (158-bed) nursing and residential home.

Joining Care UK gave me the opportunity to commission a beautiful new Suffolk care home. Starting a home from scratch has had its opportunities and challenges, but it’s been a great experience to bring together people with different skillsets to create a team that will provide the best care to residents.

I love being with the residents at Cedrus House – they’re really enjoying their new home here and there’s a little moment of magic each day with them that makes the hard work worthwhile!

Away from work I enjoy cooking (I have more than 150 cookery books) and spending time with my dog Winston, a retired Prison Service drug detection dog.

Gaynor Scott - Deputy Manager - Care UK

Gaynor Scott

Deputy Manager

I used to work as a sister in an admissions prevention service but much of my career has been in stroke units across the UK (I have a diploma in acute stroke management and rehabilitation). However, opportunities to be part of a new care home don’t come along that often, so when I heard that Cedrus House was opening, I really wanted to get involved.

I met Michelle, the home manager, who’s a northerner like me, and that sealed it for me!

My favourite parts of the day are at the beginning and the end of my shift. In the morning I’m fresh and ready for the challenges ahead, and at the end of the day I feel I’ve achieved what I set out to do. If I didn’t get everything done, then I just start a new list, ready for the following day!

I’m really excited about the future here at Cedrus House. We’ve a strong leadership team and a great journey ahead.

Angela Hodge - Senior Customer Relations Manager - Care UK

Angela Hodge

Senior Customer Relations Manager

Before moving to Care UK in 2014 I helped to establish a team of dementia support workers at the Norfolk and Norwich Hospital. We supported patients living with dementia, giving information and advice to their families and carers. Here I’m doing something very similar for families who are looking for residential care for a loved one.

I love building relationships with families, supporting them and offering guidance to help them make the right decision for them about residential care. I’m passionate about doing the best for residents – it’s a very difficult time for them and their families.

Marie Reeve - Business Administrator  - Care UK

Marie Reeve

Business Administrator

I have been working in the care sector for 25 years, 13 of which have been with Suffolk County Council and Care UK. 

I have gained an NVQ level 4 in Care Management and level 5 in The Institute of Leadership and Management. You also need to be kind, caring, approachable, and passionate, have good listening skills and a lot of empathy.

I love spending time with residents and their families and feel great satisfaction when I can achieve something for them, however big or small. I also love spending time with my care team who are professional, happy and confident in their work, which subsequently reflects on Cedrus House's residents.

When I’m not at the care home, I love to spend time with my family, all of whom live in Framlingham.  I have four grandchildren and two dogs, so I am always very busy.

Matthew Reynolds - Clinical Lead - Care UK

Matthew Reynolds

Clinical Lead

My background is in emergency care and I’ve worked as a staff nurse in a liver transplant unit as well as in a stroke unit. One of the biggest challenges of my career was delivering a premature baby in a moving ambulance without being able to speak the mother’s language!

The best part of the day is always interacting with residents, ensuring their needs are exceeded and making them smile. I’m also passionate about helping to develop my team’s potential so that they’re happy and our residents are too.   

In any spare time I have, I enjoy foreign travel (I’ve lived and worked in the Middle East, Malta, South Africa and Arizona). I also collect classic and military vehicles, which has landed me some work as an extra in film and TV in the past. 

Nadia Goodchild - Lifestyle Coordinator - Care UK

Nadia Goodchild

Lifestyle Coordinator

I joined the Cedrus House team in 2017. I was a Teaching Assistant at the time, but I wanted to try something different. When I came for a look around the home, I was very impressed.

To do this job well you need to know residents extremely well and have lots of creative ideas for enabling residents of different abilities to enjoy meaningful experiences. I spend quite a lot of my time researching ideas. I love talking to residents and hearing their stories and experiences, and learning about how life and attitudes have changed over time.

There’s a strong team here at Cedrus House, and I always look forward to seeing the residents each day, as well as my lovely colleagues. I’ve made some wonderful friends through working at the home.

In my spare time, I like to get away on holidays. I also enjoy walking my dog and spending quality time with my family.

Ian Hetzel - Head Chef - Care UK

Ian Hetzel

Head Chef

I’ve worked in restaurants but spent some time working for an agency at another Care UK home. I really enjoyed it, so I applied for a permanent position with the organisation. I have also run my own business, and the same determination, drive and discipline that that demands come in handy at Cedrus House. There’s always a lot to do and we’ve many mouths to feed and different dietary needs to meet.

I must admit, that, after the antisocial hours of the restaurant trade, it makes a nice change to be home in the evenings! Working more sociable hours, I’m able to indulge my passions of red wine, West Ham and walking my dogs!

Frances Larke - Maintenance - Care UK

Frances Larke


I joined Care UK in 2015 when Cedrus House opened as the Head housekeeper. When the maintenance position became available in 2017, I saw it as a chance to combine my experience with the daily maintenance and H&S checks. Of course I’m assisted by my helper Lexi – the home’s dog!

What I most love about my role is that I get to make the house a home for the residents. This could be something as small as putting up a picture, redecorating a room or improving the garden. It is important to residents that they’re in control of these things as Cedrus is their home and they should feel secure here.

In my free time I love riding my motorbike, watching any form of motorsport and knitting for my grandchildren. I also volunteer with SERV Blood runners at the weekend.

Juliana Arantes - Head Housekeeper - Care UK

Juliana Arantes

Head Housekeeper

I come from Brazil and I used to be a biology teacher back there in primary and high schools. When I moved to the UK and started working for Care UK in 2017, I was delighted to be in a role where I could help other people.

While it was a big challenge to solve problems in another language, with patience and hard work, everything became possible, and easy.

I believe in doing everything with respect and love, and in just being nice. It’s that simple! I enjoy listening to residents’ life stories and seeing them happy and enjoying themselves. I feel very at home at Cedrus House – my colleagues are all great and there’s lots of positive energy in the home. 

In my free time I enjoy caring for my puppy. At the weekends I like to travel around, exploring different places.

Madalina Cucuteanu - Registered General Nurse and Infection Prevention and Control Champion - Care UK

Madalina Cucuteanu

Registered General Nurse and Infection Prevention and Control Champion

I joined Care UK as an overseas nurse and the organisation has supported me in all sorts of ways, from understanding British culture to learning about the health system here. Care UK has given me the chance to learn and develop, and I continue to do that at Cedrus House.

Here, in addition to my daily nursing tasks, I am the IPC champion. That means that I support all colleagues at Cedrus House to implement the highest standards of safety and cleanliness. I have trained everyone at the home on the use of personal protective equipment (PPE), hand washing and more. I’m also responsible for implementing quality improvement. I’m always keen to enhance what we do so we’re delivering the highest standards for residents and their families.

I love seeing residents happy and enjoying their time at the home. And it gives me a real sense of achievement when we’ve faced a difficult challenge and have put our minds together to find a solution. Teamwork is all-important, and we’re a good team at Cedrus House.

Leeanna Fountain

Day Club Manager

I started working for Care UK in 2015, having previously worked as a dementia carer in a specialist dementia care home. To do my job well, you have to be very patient, have good listening skills and the imagination to come up with new ideas for interesting activities.

I love my working day from start to finish. It’s nice to take the time to talk to the club members and take part in various activities such as arts and crafts and baking with them. My career highlight to date has been my promotion to day club manager at the Cedrus Club. I enjoy the life story work we do with residents - I believe we can all learn so much from the people we care for.

When I’m not at work, I like to spend quality time with my family. I also like to read and love to be outside in the fresh air, especially in the winter months.

Lexi - Canine Relations Manager - Care UK


Canine Relations Manager

I joined the team at Cedrus House in 2017, I love being here as I get to spend the day with my mum while she’s at work and spread some joy to the residents and staff. It’s my job to make sure that everyone in the home feels loved. This involves lots of cuddles, visiting the residents, greeting visitors and being very accepting of treats!

I like to spend the first part of the day completing the maintenance checks with our Maintenance manager. This involves visiting every room, checking all is well and getting lots of fuss on the way. That takes me through to lunch time, when I quality check the left-overs, before having a little nap in the afternoon.

When I’m not at the home I like to chill out with my brother Jack, the Cocker Spaniel. We especially love long walks by the sea.

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