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Enjoying meaningful lifestyles

Enjoying meaningful lifestyles

At Care UK, all our home teams make meaningful activity an essential part of care, so residents can live each day in the way they want to. This means that residents are supported to be as active and independent as possible, doing the things that they have always enjoyed, carrying out everyday tasks that give them a sense of purpose or trying something new.

Meaningful activities form an essential part of daily life in all Care UK homes – it’s what we call ‘meaningful lifestyles’. Our teams find out all they can about every new resident so that they can create care and lifestyle plans that enable each person to live their life in the way they choose.

Residents living in our care homes tell us they have such a busy social life, with new friendships and re-found hobbies. 

John, one resident at Highmarket House in Banbury, explains how busy he is since moving there.

Making wishes come true

100 year old Audrey Merry who has had her wish come true to go horse riding

Part of our ‘meaningful lifestyles’ approach is about helping residents to fulfil goals and wishes. We’re adding a wishing tree in each of our homes where each resident can hang a written wish of something they’d like to achieve. Wishes can be small or large – what matters is that we make them happen. And many of our homes have been doing some truly impressive things to make residents’ wishes a reality. 

Earlier this year at Whitby Dene in Middlesex, the home team supported a retired Catholic priest who is living with dementia to visit the Vatican. 

At Skylark House in Horsham, a lady turned 100 years ‘young’ in October, and was delighted to have her wish to “ride again after 60 years” come true when the care team and her family revealed they had arranged a horse riding lesson for her.

“When we discovered Audrey, a keen fitness fanatic, wished to go horse riding again, we worked with her family to make her wish come true and ensure it was a birthday to remember”, says Devendra Lallchand, home manager. “It was wonderful to see Audrey back in the saddle, she was an incredible confident rider and happily chatted as she rode around the paddock”

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