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Find out what some residents and families have to say about their time at Heather View.


It is very clean and modern. Everything is very well looked after. I am completely satisfied. My father is really happy there.

Relative of a resident, August 2018

The carers are always looking to do as much as possible to make my mother's time as good as it can be. Heather View is the example of good practice. It is clearly an outstanding home and I have total confidence in the manager and the staff with all their roles, not forgetting the housekeeping and cleaning staff.

Mr Richard Housden, August 2018

Staff are so friendly and kind and to our family, they had gone out of their way to know about us. Staff are all trained so well, anything my father needed, they are really great and work as a team. One of the trainee nurses was brilliant, the lady on reception was brilliant, the manager was brilliant. Everyone in the kitchen made a birthday cake on his birthday which was beautiful

Relative of a resident, February 2018

They know my relative well, she’s been there a long time and they know her needs and are extremely kind. They always let us know anything that affects her, anything of concern… They are all so lovely and welcoming, the new manager is very helpful and very available, everybody is upbeat and pleasant. Overall, they’re brilliant. 

Mrs Fran Harris, February 2018

I always find that if there is an issue, the staff tell me. They have worked very hard to support my dad and think about him as an individual.

Relative of a resident, August 2017

Whenever you go to Heather View;  whether morning, noon or evening, including the weekends, you're always welcomed. Things are going on and it's a very good atmosphere. That's been the case over the course of the 6 years that mum has been there... They know my mother inside out and she knows them. I couldn't fault the number or quality of individual staff…I think it's all really good, they give a lot of attention and always report what they've done or attempted to do. Nothing is too much trouble.

Relative of a resident, August 2017

The individual staff members are absolutely wonderful. They are genuinely caring and you can tell it’s not just for show. It's more like a family unit than a care home.

Relative of a resident, May 2017

The staff just seem to have this idea of knowing Mums needs. They appear to have the level of training where they can pick up on her looks or movements and know that she might be feeling uncomfortable. My mum has responded well to their care. They have been amazing to my mum and to me. No criticisms whatsoever, a very big pat on the back to everyone involved in the care home. They do it with such good will - it's like its own community, it’s amazing.

Relative of a resident, May 2017

Staff are always friendly and cheerful. When you go in you get a smile. They all seem to know Mum, what she's like and are always jolly and happy with her.

Relative of a resident, May 2017

The staff know the care plan without having to look it up. They understand the needs of my father and are friendly…They are always there to talk to if I have any concerns of my father's wellbeing or health issues and are approachable and understand his situation…They treat him with respect, are friendly, kind and know about his past history.

Relative of resident, February 2017

It is consistently very good on all the services it provides.

Relative of a resident, November 2016

I find it very friendly and the staff are very attentive. It really is a very pleasant place to be.  I've noticed that if [my husband] requests anything and it's within their power, they'll get it… The staff are always there, always listening, always spend time with my husband when they can. They're very courteous and very gentle with him.

Relative of a resident, November 2016    

 I think the staff do what they can. They are very good and friendly towards my mum and they are always popping in and out from what I have seen. I do know that my mum likes the staff there. She has told me that they are very nice to her. I do like the staff also and I would recommend the home to anybody.

Relative of a resident, November 2016    

When I go in the staff are always happy to say hello to me and they are always delightful with my husband.

Relative of a resident, November 2016

When I go in the staff are always happy to say hello to me and they are always delightful with my husband.

Relative of a resident, November 2016

The staff know [mums] name, her likes and dislikes. They acknowledge her whenever they come across her and she is always smiling at them.

Relative of a resident, November 2016    

At all times (my wife’s) wellbeing was the number one priority with all of her physical needs taken care of and her dignity maintained regardless of circumstances. More importantly, she was not only treated with respect – she was loved.

I can honestly say that everyone that I had contact with at Heather View exceeded all of my expectations and helped to support me while ensuring that my wife’s quality of life was the best that it could possibly be.

Mils C, husband of resident, June 2016

To all staff at Heather View. We would like to thank each and every member of staff for helping us all through our journey with our special mum. We have been humbled by the way in which you interact with the residents especially those who are challenging or sick. Thank you for putting up with mums funny ways (and mine)! I have made many friends and will miss them greatly. Our hearts go out to the Heather View angels. With love from one precious angel in heaven and Lyn.

Lyn, daughter of resident, January 2016

I would like to say that all staff at Heatherview in Crowborough are very helpful, polite at all times and a big credit to Trish (Home Manager) and Natasha’s (Deputy Manager) team.  When I arrive at the home I always feel welcome by the team and it’s a very friendly and happy environment.  Keep up the good work!
Mr Anthony Leung – Resident’s Associate, January 2016

Genuine, accountable care with as much as can be expected, comprehensive communication of my mothers needs.

Nick M, April 2013

Caroline and I would like to thank you all for the fantastic care you have given, not only to our dad, but to us as well in what has been quite a difficult time. You have a great team, from the receptionists, cleaners, chefs, carers, activities co-ordinators and managers, etc, that seem to genuinely care about the residents, which in this day and age is quite hard to come by.

Joanna Haworth and Caroline, April 2012

Now I am home and feeling so much better, I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciated all the care and support I enjoyed during my two week-stay. Of course the physical environment, all newly-built, is splendid, but what really matters is the atmosphere and quality of the staff. I can say that, without any exception, everyone was unfailingly helpful and supportive, I have nothing but praise for them all. I'm hoping to keep well now, but it is a great comfort to know that Heather View is there should I need it.

Rosemary Edwards, January 2012

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