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What others have to say

What others have to say

Getting regular and honest feedback from our customers gives us a vital health check.

We’d love to hear your feedback and there are lots of ways to get in touch with us. Our contact us page has plenty of information about who to call. If you prefer, you can complete our online form.

Here are just some of the comments we’ve received from family members of Care UK care home residents:



Stanley Park

It is a lovely, spacious environment which always looked so clean and tidy every day our family visited. The staff are all so incredible and do an amazing job under, at times, very trying circumstances and always have a smile for residents and visitors alike. My mum was so well cared for and loved by the staff.

Relatives of a resident, February 2020

Harrier Lodge

When my Dad first moved in everyone at Harrier Lodge was supportive to both Dad and ourselves, helping us with the transition, which was a very emotional time. Dad’s room is lovely, with his own belongings making it more personal and familiar. He enjoys the food and often comments how good it is. Dad is encouraged to participate with the arranged activities and clearly enjoys them. It gives us peace of mind knowing that he is in a safe, caring, stimulating environment.

Relative of a resident, February 2020

Weald Heights

Weald Heights Care Home is an outstanding facility. The staff are amazing, so kind, so caring and so professional. My Mum, aged 89, stayed for a month following a severe chest infection and a fall which led her to spend a week in hospital. When the hospital discharged her I knew she was not fit enough to return home. I knew she needed expert care and support on a 24 hour basis to prevent another serious fall occurring whilst she recovered her strength. The staff at Weald Heights were brilliant. A member of staff from the nursing team visited her is hospital and took a full account of all her needs and made her feel very safe and respected. A day later she was welcomed to a beautiful room at the Home and she absolutely thrived there. 
I was delighted by her care and the welcoming family atmosphere. Medical attention and activities were excellent and staff were always on hand to chat, support and encourage. Thanks to Weald Heights my Mum is now back home and better than ever. I am so grateful to you all at Weald Heights for everything you did for my Mum. She celebrated her 90th Birthday on the 10th December and had a party with all the family, we also had a wonderful family Christmas. The medical care coupled, most importantly, with the encouragement she got from all the staff really got her back on her feet and the talk from Jane Cast was brilliantly timed. She is currently really well and she and my father are in great form which is lovely. I know that as my parents are now both in their nineties that we will inevitably hit some health bumps and care issues in the future and I won't hesitate to return to Weald Heights.

Relative of a resident, January 2020

Bickerton House

To find a care home to suit my husband with his advancing dementia and Parkinson’s has been very difficult, but to find one that has such lovely decor and rooms, friendly and caring staff, great food and plenty of activities that is so close to home, is nothing short of a miracle. My husband is treated with dignity and respect and I am involved with every step of his care and any problems and I am quickly notified. Nothing seems to be too much trouble for any member of the staff.

Wife of resident, January 2020

Stanley Park

Last year I had to move my mother from the USA back to her home town of Stanley for senior care. I selected Stanley Park as it was by far the best mainly due to the attention, love and overall care. She looked better than I have seen her in over 3 years. Not only was she happy, well settled but her appearance was immaculate. I witnessed my mother dancing and engaging with everyone. Christine and her excellent team are doing an incredible job. Their level of attention to all the residents, managing their care and accommodating the varied personalities is just beyond the call of duty and expectation. The care home is always immaculate and full of laughter.

Relative of resident, December 2019

Harrier Lodge

Thank you for all your love and care for my mother, she very much appreciates all the support you give her.

Daughter of a resident, December 2019

Highmarket House

I'm always amazed at how kind and affectionate all of the staff are to mum, she can sometimes be a bit difficult as she can't hear very well and misunderstands things. They are always well mannered with her and they joke with her, they talk to her and treat her with tremendous dignity. I have nothing but great gratitude to the staff for the way they treat my mother, they are wonderful.

Mrs B H, Relative of a resident, November 2019

Oak House

She has a huge love of dancing and socialising and they make sure that she gets access to these activities. They assist her with her personal hygiene but only in as much as things that she can't do. They encourage her to maintain the skills she has and keep her memories alive. A lot of activities they do encourage all residents to keep their fine motor skills. They have a lot of stimulating activities. There is the sort of relationship with the staff that mimics what she would experience at home with family.

Relative of a resident, November 2019

Prince George House

I would just like to say a big thank you to the team at Prince George in Ipswich. My Nan has not been there long but she is very settled. The team has made all the family feel welcome. It has been my Nan’s 90th and we were able to get a lot of the family together at Prince George and arrange a small party for my Nan.

Granddaughter of resident, October 2019

Hartismere Place

On behalf of Twinning Association I would like to thank you, Abhi, Claire and all your staff for the huge efforts you made in welcoming our visitors to Hartismere Place last Friday. The visit was both interesting and enjoyable and it was good to not only see your excellent facilities but also to meet with some of your residents.

Anne Smethrust, Secretary, Eye and District Twinning Associtation, October 2019

Skylark House

I am so thankful for your care and kindness that you have shown my mother since she arrived. My family have been visiting and they are able to keep me updated. What I would like to thank you for is the updates that you share on Facebook. This is fabulous, as I am able to see what she is doing almost daily. I love seeing the pictures, she does look happy and healthy.

Sara, Relative of a resident, September 2019

Cavell Court

I wanted to thank you all for the kindness which you showed during the two years that my Mum was with you. I believe that she could not have had better care. In addition, she got more joy and laughter from this period of life than I would have thought possible. I wanted to write to say a huge thank you to the wider team. I will always remember your kindness, patience and humour.

Son of a resident, September 2019

Armstrong House

The staff are absolutely brilliant and this was one of the best decisions made for my aunt’s care. I couldn’t have found a better home. It’s more like a small country hotel with a lovely garden and lovely staff and not like a care home.

Relative of a resident, August 2019

Abney Court

Please accept my grateful thanks for the love and support you gave to my partner. Thanks for the comfort he was able to enjoy with you.

Mrs J Corney, August 2019

Darlington Court

Mum couldn’t have been in better hands and we hope you know how much we appreciate your professional skills. Mum has always been formidable and yet you looked after her with amazing kindness and understanding. We know that we somehow found a care home in a million for her and we can never thank you all enough.

Son of a resident, July 2019

Cairdean House

My husband was very poorly when he went to Cairdean. They’ve been so good and helpful and he has progressed wonderfully in the short time he’s been there. When he went in, he couldn’t stand up without help. Now, he can walk a little bit and I think it’s all down to the staff.

Mrs. E.H, Relative of a resident, July 2019

Skylark House

Mum has settled so well at Skylark and she is very happy there. Now calls it home and telling me I don’t need to visit so often .  I sometimes feel I’m intruding on her and her new friends which is bloody brilliant.  Big thanks to all the amazing staff for making the change so much easier.

Relative of resident, June 2019

Weald Heights

Thank you does not seem praise enough for all that you did to make our wedding anniversary so very special. All the consideration and thought that was put into the day was just amazing, and that so many of you came to see us whilst we were in the library having our lunch was just unforgettable.

We did enjoy the very tasty meal that was prepared, and then the most wonderful decorated cake was presented to us – what a lovely finish to such a great day.

Resident, June 2019

Darlington Court

May I express my sincere thanks to all the team who looked after my relative during his stay with you. Great pleasure was provided to us by the efforts made to welcome us into a friendly environment from day one onwards. 

It was a pleasure to me to be able to spend every day there with him and to share the benefits of Darlington Court especially the entertainment and food.

From my first meeting with Caroline I knew I was making the right decision. She deserves to be congratulated on all that she did. 

Relative of resident, May 2019

Francis Court 

I would like to thank you all for the care and kindness you showed to my Dad during his time at Francis Court. I know that many of you were very fond of my Dad and his smile showed me he was equally as fond of you. However difficult he was being, a kind hand hold helped him to calm down – thank you so much for that. I know he’d been nicknamed ‘Haribo’ by one of you and this was such a special name for him and match my love of him – he was always a sweetie.

Relative of resident, May 2019

Davers Court

To all of the wonderful people at Davers Court, Happy Easter and thank you for the wonderful care you have given Grandad for the past couple of weeks. I have come away feeling so grateful that Grandad is surrounded by such lovely people. Your attention to detail and commitment to going the extra mile makes so much difference.

Granddaughter of resident, April 2019

The Burroughs 

I am writing to express my dearest thanks and appreciation to all the staff at the Burroughs. The care that was given to my mother during her stay was exemplary. I will fondly remember how well she was looked after by all the staff at the home, not only the care staff themselves but the housekeeping and catering staff who were always willing to go that extra mile to ensure mum was kept as happy and comfortable as possible.

I would also like to mention that the staff were also kind and caring towards me, making my visits as easy as they could be and supporting me during this difficult time.

Relative of resident, April 2019

Harrier Lodge

This place is truly amazing! We moved our mum in last week and I can honestly say that Harrier Lodge have set a new standard. It’s how it should be – dignity in practice, not words! There is evident ongoing interaction with all the residents, happy staff, a calm atmosphere, an unbelievable welcome at every visit and the food – don’t get me started. The lovely chef provides as near to fine dining as I have ever seen in any home. Harrier Lodge has everything you can think of or need under one roof – it’s a beautiful and clean environment that gives out such a ‘feel good’ factor the minute you step through the door. Harrier Lodge you are the long-awaited flag ship and the way forward, it’s what others should be aspiring too.

Daughter of resident, March 2019

Catherine Court 

My wife was in another home before she came here. That home was nice and attractive but was very restricted. After a reassessment, she came here to Catherine Court. It has so much more space to walk. She loved walking, it is paradise for her. The people here, from the front office, to the kitchen, the cleaners, clothes washing and maintenance staff, and of course the nurses, are wonderful people.

I have never known such a place in my lifetime with so much kindness and love.

Husband of resident, March 2019

Abney Court

I would like to thank you all for being part of an amazing team that is so inclusive in every way. My mum was so happy here, and even though she had dementia, she was able to just be who she became with no consequences. I could not fault any of the care and love she got from everyone here.

Family of resident, February 2019

Cavell Court 

A very high standard of care, from people who nothing is too much trouble. My mother was looked after very well during her stay. Always clean and hair done. Would recommend to anyone looking for a care home for a member of their family.

Son of resident, February 2019

Mercia Grange

The family would like to extend their heartfelt thanks and appreciation to everyone, for the love and compassion shown to our late father. Although he only spent a short time in your care, we were all overwhelmed by the dignity and respect shown to him, together with the professional and attentive consideration given to the family.

Family of resident, January 2019

Buchanan Court

I can honestly say that everyone treated me with courtesy, kindness, patience and above all with a smile. I now have a totally different perspective to life and feel that I am a much better person for having known all the carers. 

I was admitted on a Saturday when there was only skeleton staff on call. My initial reaction was that I had landed myself in a 5-star hotel. From the very first moment I met one of the carers they sorted everything out for me, whether it was organising labelling for my clothes or explaining all the facilities offered at Buchanan. They were available any time I had a query or problem.

Overall, my stay at Buchanan Court was an amazing experience.

Relative of resident, January 2019

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