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December 17 2013

One of the country’s biggest investors in new care homes has this week launched a campaign which will draw on the real experiences and day-to-day lives of people living in residential care homes with the aim of reassuring family members who are looking for a place for a loved one.
Called ‘What do you see?’ the campaign will run in a range of local publications in areas where Care UK is investing millions of pounds in new specialist residential and nursing  homes.  It features a range of enigmatic photographs of people following much loved hobbies and challenges the reader to consider what the picture shows.  In every case, the photo is of real care home residents, with real care home employees and, in many cases, the families of those residents.
Belinda Moore, Care UK’s marketing director said: “We’ve conducted detailed research into the emotions and thought processes of people seeking care home places. That has taught us that these ‘choosers’ are going through a range of emotions including guilt and fear.  Often the image of residential care is dominated by stories about what goes wrong and, in many cases, the promotional material with posed and often twee pictures of models doesn’t really help.”
Belinda continued:  “We wanted to show real lives and real residents to give real help and advice to families facing sensitive decisions. Moving into a care home doesn’t mean an end to the interests and hobbies that have stimulated individuals throughout their lives. With the right kind of support there will always be time and the ability to continue to enjoy those activities.”
The campaign features residents taking part in activities that they have always enjoyed – baking, gardening, going to the cinema or enjoying Sunday lunch with the whole family. It has been carefully put together to show that good care homes actively encourage residents to continue their hobbies and family life.  
Care UK has also worked with residents and colleagues from its care homes to create a range of short films which tell their own stories. These will be published on and YouTube. 
Far from the widely held misconception that blank faces sit in front of the television all day, these videos show people taking part in a range of activities and events as well as the security, companionship and convenience of living in a caring environment.
Belinda Moore added: “People choosing a care home place for a loved one walk a tightrope of fear, guilt and the knowledge that something has to happen. Our research this year has shown that situation can leave family members in denial – too afraid to take the next step.  Hopefully, through this campaign, people will feel encouraged to step out, visit our homes and form their own view of what life is like in a modern care home which will help that decision.”
The campaign will be rolled out across those parts of the UK where Care UK is opening new care homes starting in Cheltenham and St Ives near Cambridge. As well as the films, it will include adverts in newspapers and magazines and on outdoor sites.

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