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Leading on quality

Leading on quality

Between September 2018 and October 2019, the number of CQC-rated ‘outstanding’ homes that Care UK has in England has more than trebled, from 4 to an incredible 14.

In the last half of 2019 alone, Hollins Park, Broadwater Lodge and Sherwood Grange have secured, or maintained, an ‘outstanding’ rating. As a result, Care UK is now the care sector’s stand-out leader on quality.

What are inspections and what do they cover?

All UK care homes are regularly inspected by the relevant regulator to check that they are meeting legal and regulatory requirements, and to assess overall quality. Care homes in England are inspected by the CQC. Those in Scotland are inspected by the Care Inspectorate.

Care home inspections are unannounced. Every CQC inspection looks at five areas: Safe, Effective, Caring, Responsive, and Well-led. The CQC’s ratings are: Outstanding, Good, Requires Improvement and Inadequate and it gives each of the five areas one of these ratings, as well as a quality rating for the home overall.

The Care Inspectorate looks at Quality of Care and Support, Quality of Environment, Quality of Staffing, and Quality of Management and Leadership. It uses a six-point grading scale ranging from Unsatisfactory to Excellent.

Our ‘outstanding’ rated homes in England are:

Our ‘very good’ rated homes in Scotland, with an average score of 5, are:

Top in Scotland

Murrayside, our newest Scottish home, which opened in October 2018, is yet to be inspected but has already been awarded one of the ‘Top 20 care homes in Scotland’ by respected review website,

What the inspectors say

Below are extracts from some of this year’s CQC and Care Inspectorate inspection reports.


“People received exceptionally personalised care and support specific to their needs and preferences. Each person was respected as an individual, with their own social and cultural diversity, values and beliefs. One person living with dementia told us how they taught staff to speak their first language. We saw staff doing just this and this enabled the person to communicate their needs. Staff were actively supporting her with her dementia journey.”

Asterbury Place, Ipswich; rated ‘outstanding’ overall in February 2019, with ‘outstanding’ ratings in two out of five areas.


“Throughout the inspection we observed staff were attentive and provided care and support in an extremely caring and discreet way. Relatives told us unanimously how they felt their loved one was receiving outstanding care. People were regularly out and about at local cafes, pubs and facilities meaning they became well known, valued and accepted members of the wider community.”

Hollins Park, Macclesfield; rated ‘outstanding’ overall in July 2019, with ‘outstanding’ ratings in four out of five areas.


“People living in Lauder Lodge were experiencing very good care from staff who treated them with warmth, compassion and respect. There was a relaxed, warm and welcoming atmosphere with all staff working well together to ensure people's wellbeing. We saw genuine and spontaneous affection between residents and staff. The staff endeavoured to include people as they wished in the running of the home.” 

Lauder Lodge, Edinburgh; graded ‘very good’ in December 2018

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