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Sally Shadbolt

home manager

My first job was in a convalescent home and I then went on to work in a nursing home before training as a nurse at West Suffolk Hospital, where I worked for 14 years. Before joining Care UK in 2014 I managed a 53-bed dementia care home. 

I’m passionate about providing the highest standards of care and recruiting a team of people who care deeply about the job they do. During my career some special people have inspired me and given me opportunities to learn and progress. I cherish the fact that I have been able to do the same for others.

No two days are the same at Mills Meadow. We strive to enable each resident to fulfil their dreams no matter how small or large these may be. Every person is precious and should be supported to live a full life to the end. It’s a great feeling to leave the home at the end of the day knowing that you’ve helped to do this. 

Rebecca Calver

deputy manager

I’ve been with Care UK since December 2012. I actually transferred from working for Suffolk County Council when the home I was in was taken over by Care UK. I liked the values and support network that Care UK provides. I’ve worked my up from being a carer and have had some great opportunities, including being able to act as interim manager when the manager here, Marie, was called upon to work elsewhere for a little while.

I love seeing the differences – large and small – that our team makes to residents’ lives simply by building up relationships with them and their families. Each of us takes huge pride in making Mills Meadow a caring and supportive home with a family atmosphere, and I think it shows. 

Chantal Sencier

customer relations manager

I joined Care UK in 2016, following 15 years in the charity sector where I was able to make a huge difference to disadvantaged people through fundraising. It has always been a passion of mine to support people and I am really pleased to be able to build relationships with the staff, residents, friends and family at Mills Meadow.

A favourite part of my day here is meal times, when staff and residents get together, enjoy a meal and share stories. I am looking forward to being a large part of the transition for new residents to Mills Meadow and making them feel welcome and part of the family.

Michelle Hubbard

lifestyle coordinator

A couple of years ago I did an art therapy course – it had been a goal of mine for a long time. I’m a big believer in the healing and wellbeing benefits for people of all ages of creating art. So, after I completed the course, I was determined to support residents to express themselves by creating artworks of their own. 

A huge highlight of my time at Mills Meadow has been the opening of our own art gallery in the home to showcase all the amazing artworks by residents. It was a proud day for me!

When I joined the Mills Meadow team I wanted a role where I could make a difference. That was in 2014. I get to help make people’s wishes come true and make them smile every day. I can safely say that I’ve found that role. 

Charlotte Golder

lifestyle co-ordinator

I’d never worked in care before I applied to Care UK but I’ve always been passionate about caring for people. I used to volunteer at a hospice in my spare time. So when I decided to work in care full time, I did some research and Care UK seemed like a great company to join.

I’m very interested in art therapy, and like to paint in my own time too. But whatever activities I do with residents, I love seeing them having fun. I get a real buzz when they say thank you to me for what I do: I feel I’m doing something worthwhile, where I’m appreciated.

I’ve worked hard to develop my role and to help every resident get the most out of their day, so it was fantastic to win ‘lifestyle coordinator of the year’ in the Suffolk region in 2016.

When I’m not at work, I love to spend time with my family and enjoy painting and reading.

Sacha Cox

head chef

I’ve been a chef for many years, working in cafés and restaurants. I joined Care UK, and Mills Meadow, in 2017 for a new challenge and to expand my skills. I’m very proud to be head chef here – I strive to get every meal perfect for the individual resident. I enjoy going around after lunch to find out what everyone thought of the meal. The instant feedback is really useful, and residents are honest with me. 

I love spending whatever time I can with residents. They have so many stories to share. My other passion in life are my dogs. They go anywhere I go when I’m not at work. We often head down to the beach together for a long walk. 

Laura Harris


I’ve been at Mills Meadow since 2016. I love meeting people, and here I get to see lots of different faces each day. My desk is close to the café, and I love having a chat with residents and their loved ones when they come down for coffee and cake. The café is a real hub of things at Mills Meadow – it’s where quite a few activities take place – so it’s great to see residents enjoying themselves. 

Away from work, I like to get out and about, particularly when the weather’s good. I also have a puppy and a house rabbit at home, and cuddles with them help me to unwind. 

Carole Oakley

business support

I used to work in older people’s care as a carer when my daughters were young, but I decided to move into the admin side later on. I enjoy using my organisational and communication skills in this role, and empathy and flexibility are all-important too. I’m very proud that I’ve been nominated twice for Care UK’s ‘Business Support of the Year’. 

I started working for Care UK in late 2012. I love being able to support residents and join in with activities – singing and dancing! We have some fun events here at Mills Meadow and there’s a strong community spirit.

When I’m not at work you might find me sailing, walking my dog in the forest or on a local beach, and spending time with my family. 

Amanda Nicholls

head housekeeper

When I joined the team at Mills Meadow in 2014 it was a complete career change for me. I’d previously been the chef manager in a large high school. I was ready for something new. I’m so glad I made the change. I love walking around the home, greeting residents and colleagues and checking everything is okay. 

I use many of the skills from my old role, and have developed so many new ones. We work hard to ensure residents have everything they need – being organised is all-important. I’m dedicated to this role, my team and to the residents and their families. I love being able to make a difference to residents’ lives. 

In my time off I’m a keen walker, and I head off to walk the many national trails, including the Norfolk Coast Path and the Pennine Way.

William Bugg


I helped to get the home up and running when it was brand new, back in 2014, and it’s been great to be part of the team that’s worked to make the home the success that it is. 

I’ve been working in care home maintenance for around 18 years, but I like the fact that you can never be quite sure what the day will bring! By far the best part of my role is talking to, and interacting with, the residents and my colleagues. 

It was a fantastic surprise to be named ‘maintenance person of the year’ for Care UK’s Suffolk region in 2017. I don’t believe I do anything special – I’m just doing my job!

Pauline Mortimer

Day Club Manager

Our day club is a great way for older people living independently to get together and enjoy meaningful activities for as long as they wish. At the Mills Meadow Club we’re all about making people smile, supporting them to have fun, and ensuring that they always go home having had a fulfilling day.

I love how my role enables me to make a difference to someone’s everyday life. It was the highlight of my career to get this role and I’m determined to make the day club a happy and inviting place for local older people to meet. We treat everyone as an individual, finding out what they like to do so that we can organise enjoyable things for them to do, from quizzes and craft activities to gardening and music sessions. I look forward to welcoming you or your loved one to the Mills Meadow Club soon.


love hound and hoover

I’m an English Pointer cross and I was born in Cyprus. But things didn’t go well for me there and I lost the sight in one of my eyes. Happily, that’s all behind me now as I’ve found my forever home here at Mills Meadow. I get lots of treats, everyone wants to play with me or have a cuddle, I go for walks with the residents and for little outings in the car, and I have beds all over the home. I also enjoy sharing the home with Wander the cat, six chickens, canaries and some ducks.

I love it when nursery and school children come to visit, and my favourite part of the day is when everyone arrives to work in the morning. It’s like being a rock star

because they all want to say hello to me. I get so excited that I sometimes need to have a little lie down afterwards.

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