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Care enquiry lines open Mon-Tue 8:30am-8:00pm,
Wed-Fri 8:30am-5:30pm, Sat 8:30am-5pm,
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0333 321 1997

Care enquiry lines open Mon-Tue 8:30am-8:00pm,
Wed-Fri 8:30am-5:30pm, Sat 8:30am-5pm,
Sun 10am-4pm

0333 321 1997

Care enquiry lines open Mon-Tue 8:30am-8:00pm,
Wed-Fri 8:30am-5:30pm, Sat 8:30am-5pm,
Sun 10am-4pm

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Our team

Debbie Winwood - Home Manager  - Care UK

Debbie Winwood

Home Manager

I started my career in care in 2001 and joined the Care UK team in 2006. What really stands out for me about Mountbatten Grange is its homely atmosphere. Family members can visit whenever they want and are always guaranteed a lovely welcome.

My goal at work every day is to make sure every resident is happy and enjoying a stimulating, fulfilling life. I think the only way to achieve this is by making sure that each resident receives truly individualised care from people who’ve invested time in really getting to know them, their needs and their experiences. It’s also important to me that family members are happy with the care that their loved one is receiving. Getting great feedback from relatives is very rewarding for everyone on our team.

Outside of work I enjoy being outdoors, taking walks, going for bike rides and generally spending time in the countryside. Many residents enjoy spending time outdoors too, so we like to get out and about as much as possible, in the local area and also to the coast.

Tracey Van Zyl - Customer Relations Manager - Care UK

Tracey Van Zyl

Customer Relations Manager

I am passionate about making a difference to people’s lives. I have been in the care industry for six years and it is an industry I am passionate about as it enables me to help people and change lives.

I have been employed with Care UK for three years. I was very impressed with Care UK’s values and ethos and decided I would love to work for them. My first position was a Business Administrator which afforded me a greater insight into the management of a care home. My main focus was to support families with the transition from hospital or home care into a care home. By giving them time, understanding, compassion and empathy, this enabled me to build a strong rapport with them and their loves ones. We focus on person-centred care and it was a position I took great pride in and developed. Having been in the care industry for six years, my skills have developed over the years. What I find most rewarding is being in a position to enhance lives and give people a chance to live their lives in a home where they have companionship, stimulation and are cared for at the highest standard.

Bubs Birdi - Lifestyle Lead - Care UK

Bubs Birdi

Lifestyle Lead

I decided to change career and move into health and social care because I want to help people. I wanted to work for an organisation that helps people to live a meaningful life no matter their circumstances. At Care UK we do this every day and it is so rewarding and is also plenty of fun too.

In this role you need lots of enthusiasm, being friendly and flexible with planning, and going the extra mile to support every individual’s needs. Each day I see residents try something new or want to give their all in an activity. This helps promotes new skills and keeps everyone active and smiling.

I have been at Mountbatten Grange since 2017 and still I love seeing people laugh and smile, it makes me so happy and shows how we are one big family. 

Mohamed Taghouti - Chef - Care UK

Mohamed Taghouti


Mountbatten Grange is a great home to work in. I’ve made good friends here and I love helping to enrich the lives of residents by cooking them tasty and nutritious meals. Care UK helps to bring out the best in its colleagues by giving them opportunities; this is my first head chef role and I’m relishing overseeing the catering team and ensuring the smooth running of the kitchen.

I like to chat to residents to see what they’re enjoying and what they’d like more of, and my favourite time of day is the end of the day when I can relax and be satisfied that I’ve done my best.

Suzanne Gammond - Business Administrator - Care UK

Suzanne Gammond

Business Administrator

I love working with older people. They have so much to tell us, and every person has had an interesting life. Before joining Mountbatten Grange in October 2018, I was working at The Burroughs, another Care UK home. I also helped to commission another brand new care home.

I find that no two days are the same when you work in a care home. The highlight for me is always meeting new residents and their families and helping to make things easier for them in any way I can. It’s a difficult and emotional decision to move a loved one into a home, and to find the right home for them, so I do try to make them feel better.

At the end of the day I like to cook, garden and get together with friends and family – and perhaps unwind with a glass or two of wine!

Martin Mace - Maintenance - Care UK

Martin Mace


I wanted to work for Care UK because I knew a number of people who worked for the organisation, and who were happy here. I joined in 2009. Before that, I was an engineer. 

What I like is being able to use my practical skills in a setting where I can properly make a difference to an older person’s life. I like to encourage residents to help me and get involved in tasks. Some people enjoy being useful, so it makes them happy, and it’s all part of Care UK’s ethos. 

A large home like this can only function when everyone’s pulling together to achieve the same thing. The great teamwork that you see at Mountbatten Grange is what makes the home such a success. 

Shavani Lawson - Head Housekeeper - Care UK

Shavani Lawson

Head Housekeeper

My housekeeping experience has mostly been in the hospitality industry, but I’ve always had a hankering to work in the care sector. I kept hearing what a great place Care UK was to work, so I decided to apply! It’s a great opportunity to get things right first time. 

I enjoy mornings here the most because everyone is fresh and eager for what the day will bring. It’s up to me and my team to ensure the home meets five-star standards of cleanliness and tidiness for everyone – residents, relatives and colleagues – throughout the day.

In my free time, I love spending time with my three beautiful daughters. Family days are all about trips out, gymnastics and cinema outings!


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