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Barlborough performs ‘excellently’ in the PEAT 2012 results

July 24th 2012

Results published by the NHS Information Centre show that Barlborough has scored ‘excellent’ in all areas assessed by the annual Patient Environment Action Team (PEAT) assessment.

The patient-led annual assessment focuses on the environment in which care is provided and the quality of non-clinical services such as food and privacy and dignity, in hospitals. The findings are independently validated by external assessors and results are determined on a 5-point scale of Excellent, Good, Acceptable, Poor and Unacceptable.

The aim of the assessment is to provide a snapshot of standards across a range of non-clinical activity which impacts upon the patient experience of healthcare.

Barlborough scored 5 across all three categories including overall environment score, overall food score and overall privacy and dignity score.

Results showed that there had been a significant increase across all independent hospitals in achieving a rating of ‘Good’ or ‘Excellent’ compared with the figures for the previous year. Care UK was one of for the top in this field scoring better than private hospitals such as BMI, Nuffield and Spire.

The high standards achieved throughout Care UK reflect our commitment to infection prevention and control ensuring that our care environments are clean and welcoming to patients.