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Can you help recreate this old photo? Milner House invites locals to solve mystery

June 18th 2019


Milner House is turning to the community’s memories to help them recreate an old picture. 

Milner House - Old photo

Milner House has launched an appeal to identify the people pictured on an old black and white photograph, which was taken outside the home decades ago by Epsom-based photographer, Frank Woods.

The team is hoping to find the members of the public pictured, or their descendants, to recreate a similar photo outside the home at their Care Home Open Day event, taking place on Friday 28th June. They’re also hoping the local community will join the team and residents in the shot, creating a new image that future generations can enjoy.

Joe Patterson, home manager at Milner House, commented: “Everyone loves the original photo, which has been hanging in the home for decades, but when someone suggested recreating it, we got very excited – the home has such amazing history, and the idea of adding to that today with a new photo was just such a great idea.

“We have very little information about the picture, other than the photographer’s name, but with the home’s unique history, and our close relationship with the local community, we thought it was important to reach out and ask if anybody recognised anyone in the picture – or to see if they perhaps recognised themselves!

“We hope the people of Leatherhead will come forward and join us for Care Home Open Day to try and recreate the photo as closely as possible – then who knows, maybe it will start a new tradition?”

Milner House is an attractive, well-converted care home located in a quiet and leafy area of Leatherhead in Surrey. Full of charm and character, Milner House has a real sense of history.

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