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June 6th 2013

Pinetum residents have been hearing the patter of tiny chicken feet during an egg hatching programme over the last couple of months.

The eggs were delivered on April 9th, courtesy of Home Safari, in an incubator that residents had to check daily to ensure that the conditions were perfect for the developing embryos.

After 21 days, tension mounted throughout the home as everyone waited for the eggs to start cracking and to get the first look at the chicks as they worked their way through the shell.

Resident Cyril Davies was delighted as he became the first adopted father, when the first hatchling broke free into the world. Others soon followed and were quickly named Nuggets, Sage ‘n’ Onion and The Colonel!

Activities Coordinator Adele Elliot said: “We had to leave the chicks for 48 hours to recover from the ordeal of hatching, which felt like a week, but after that everyone was soon able to hold and even cuddle the chicks. The chicks had no objection to the fuss and one even fell asleep on resident Alan Gillett’s shoulder.

“It was a wonderful experience for everyone, particularly for our residents who had kept chickens when they were younger. It brought back lots of memories. The chicks have now been adopted by Nurse Simi Savio and will be taken care of as pets in her home.”

Pinetum is a comfortable purpose-built home in the grounds of the Countess of Chester Hospital. 

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