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Forrester Court Residents Become Film Stars for the Day

September 20th 2010

The Forrester Court care home team has once again found a novel way to help its residents lead full and happy lives. Staff working at Forrester Court invited film production company ‘Ladder to the Moon’ to turn the home into a film set for the day.

Three professional actors worked with staff and residents to reproduce Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet.

Julius Adesanya, senior active living coordinator at Forrester Court said: “We are constantly thinking of creative ways to reduce boredom and promote a therapeutic and friendly environment for our residents. Our aim is to become an excellent home where best practice prevails above everything else.”

Some of the residents turned into film stars and some as production crew. Some operated the clapper board, some were make-up artists and some were film producers.

The feedback from the residents is was excellent, and they wanted the day to go on and on. One resident said: “It was simply emotional.”


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