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Garden party fun at St Vincent’s

July 5th 2012

Preparations for the Queen’s jubilee started well in advance at St. Vincent’s with a ‘hats off to Her Majesty’ event, on the 25th of May where we created hats which were worn at our outing to the Epsom Derby a week later.

We bought some plain hats and lots of different decorations then the activities team spent an afternoon decorating the hats with some very enthusiastic residents.

With the help of their family members, residents decorated their units with Jubilee themed adornments ready for the celebrations.

One of our resident’s sons donated butterfly solar lights to brighten up our garden as well as many different plants and trees from the Chelsea flower show for residents, families and staff to enjoy and residents enjoyed a garden party planting some of them in our garden.

On the 5thof June 2012 the party atmosphere was present from early on in the day and the excitement could be felt amongst all residents, families, staff and visitors. As the weather was not so bad, the celebration was held in the garden. At around lunch time, our first volunteers arrived to help prepare the party. They brought sandwiches, drinks, home-made cakes and other goodies. One of the volunteers played songs from the past, leading up to the present day, they also brought some table flowers, crowns and other items for the party. The day was a great success and enjoyed by all.

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