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‘He who dares wins’ as Cleves Place celebrates the Tour of Britain

September 13th 2017

Residents at Cleves Place got to work on their bikes to celebrate the Tour of Britain racing past the care home.

To mark the occasion, residents at Cleves Place came up with a theme for their two-wheeled creations before starting work on transforming a vintage bike into an eye-catching reminiscence display for the home.

After a busy day transforming their bike into Del Boy and Rodney’s iconic Reliant Robin, the team at Cleves Place – known as ‘Only Fools & Clevers’ for the day - revealed the finished creation, which was displayed in the home for residents and guests to enjoy.

The classic sitcom was chosen as inspiration for the bike as the show is a long-time favourite of many residents at the home. Only Fools & Clevers was also the team name the home chose at the recent Care UK sports day, which was held at Mills Meadow in Framlingham.

Sally Shadbolt, home manager at Cleves Place, said: “We were thrilled to hear that the Tour of Britain would be passing so closely to the home, and with so many residents excited about the race, we wanted to find a way to celebrate the occasion.

“The residents had a brilliant time coming up with themes and suggestions for our display, and it has been a real talking point for everyone at the home. We were delighted to be able to take part in such a special event for the local areal, and the residents all had a wonderful time cheering on the riders as we screened the race from the home.” 

There’s a great atmosphere at Cleves Place, helped by our enthusiastic team and keen residents. We take every opportunity to have fun, whether at our own (indoor) street party to commemorate VE Day, or dreaming up unusual sandwich fillings and getting competitive during National Sandwich Week.

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