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Just purrfect says Anne

July 5th 2013

We have a new resident at Larklands who is just the cat’s whiskers according to Anne Healy who has adopted ‘Lulu’ as her own.

Home Manager Annie James introduced a cat to the home some time ago and it took up residence on one floor of the home.

Anne, a resident on the other floor, loves cats and was unhappy that she did not get visits from the cat so our Customer Advisor Stephanie McKenzie brought in her own cat Solo, who has since be re-named Lulu by Anne.

Stephanie said: “Solo and Anne just hit it off and Solo moved in. Anne had always wanted a cat so not only did Solo get a new companion but she got a new name too!”

Anne said: “She is the love of my life. She has improved my life beyond measure-Everyone should have a cat.”

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