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Local health service tackles men's health issues

December 21st 2010
Men grappling with embarrassing health problems or considering a vasectomy in the Bradford and Leeds area are being encouraged to take advantage of a local specialist urology service.

Eccleshill NHS Treatment Centre, run by Care UK, is launching an attention-grabbing campaign to raise awareness and offer advice to men uncomfortable with discussing urogenital problems or considering a vasectomy.

The treatment centre, located on Harrogate Road, is working in partnership with local pubs by distributing promotional material containing messages about the benefits of tackling urogenital problems head on, as well as reasons to consider a vasectomy and how men can find out more.

Carmel Ramage, clinical director at Eccleshill NHS Treatment Centre, says: “Vasectomy and urogenital issues in general are a taboo subject among men and we’re pleased to launch this original, innovative campaign to break down those barriers and raise awareness of issues that are so rarely discussed.

“It is important that men become more comfortable talking about problems like erectile dysfunction, bladder infections and urinary incontinence and whether they are considering having a vasectomy. At the same time, it is important to educate men that if they experience any urogenital symptoms or decide they want to have a vasectomy they should consult their GP in the first instance. Patients will usually be referred to see a urologist for further treatment. Once they have a referral to see a specialist, it’s important that men know which local NHS services are available to them and the expected waiting times.

“From this respect it is important that we get our message across clearly with a high impact campaign.”

In many areas of the UK, waiting lists for vasectomies and other urogenital treatments can be several months, but at Eccleshill Treatment Centre, patients can expect to have most appointments and procedures complete within four weeks of their first appointment.

Patients wanting to find out more about having a vasectomy should visit or speak to their GP.

Pictured is Mick Capper, landlord at the Ring ‘O’ Bells community broad based public house in Shipley who was only to pleased to help promote Eccleshill’s campaign. Mick said “Men both young and old are sometimes reluctant to talk about their health issues, and those that do are not always aware of the NHS services available to them. I think the beer mats are a great way to grab people's attention and get them talking, this can only help to encourage people to seek advice and treatment sooner rather than later.”



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