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Patient Alison praises St Marys as "a wonderful resource"

October 19th 2011

Alison Ray, who works at  a local college, has been a patient at the St Mary’s Treatment Centre’s Walk In Centre twice recently, receiving a standard of care that she thinks shows that local residents “are very fortunate to have such a wonderful resource in this area.”

Alison suffers from a heart condition and after feeling unwell and being unable to get in to see her GP, went to the Walk in Centre at St Marys.  Alison said: “Being unable to see my GP I went to St Marys as my next port of call.  When I got there, the attention to me was immediate and although it became clear it was too serious for them to treat, they contacted QA Hospital and 15 minutes later I was in an Ambulance being transferred.”

After treatment Alison was discharged from QA a short time later and was able to reflect on her visit to the Walk In Centre: “The staff really helped me in what was a stressful incident.  They even took the time to put a sign on my car that I had left in their car park, to explain what had happened so I didn’t get a ticket – it was very considerate and took away any extra worry I may have had.”

The second occasion Alison visited the centre was a less stressful experience, when she returned to the Centre for an X-ray after being referred by her GP: “Due to the circumstances I was able to see a lot more of the centre than on my first visit!  It struck me how clean and fresh looking it was – it was almost like a hotel.  The fact it’s so clean fills you with confidence that there must be a lower chance of infections.  I really feel we are very fortunate in the Portsmouth area to have such a wonderful resource.”


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