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Pony visitors make our day

March 19th 2013

The clip-clopping of tiny hooves could be heard in the corridors at Ponteland Manor when some miniature ponies paid a visit to the home.

Molly, the Dartmoor pony, and Mr P, the miniature pony, visited residents all around the home and were a big hit with everyone who met them.

Activities Coordinator, Lynne Niven, who organised the pony therapy visit, said:

“It brought tears to my eyes to see the sheer delight on people’s faces as they petted and stroked the ponies.

“The ponies were incredibly well behaved and it was so funny to see them travelling in the lift – they took it all in their stride and they clearly loved the attention.

“People were also amazed when they saw the ponies walking into their rooms and it was lovely to have a new activity that everyone could join in with. Molly and Mr P’s visit was really appreciated by everyone who met them and we look forward to seeing them again soon.”

Keeping active and busy is central to life at Ponteland Manor care home. There are great links with community-based organisations in Ponteland such as the University of the Third Age, and residents are encouraged to continue with their hobbies and interests.

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