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Silversprings - celebrating a happy first year

June 30th 2011

The bunting was out in full force at Silversprings in June and not just in honour of the Queen’s Birthday.

 A year has passed since Angela Rippon opened the luxurious residential care home in Thorrington and staff and residents have well and truly settled in, enjoying a hugely successful year of outings and organised events, as well as celebrating numerous centurion birthdays in the home.

 Over the past year residents have been treated to visits from singing groups, fashion shows and on 29 April celebrated the Royal Wedding with a big party. Summer outings to the coast are organised at regular intervals with ice-creams top of the agenda!

 In the gardens raised vegetable beds have been installed making it much easier for the green-fingered residents to help maintain and the Silversprings chicken population is also thriving and proving to be quite a hit with everyone at the home including family visitors!

 Michael Chittenden of Silversprings says “our first year has exceeded all our expectations of what we can do and provide for our residents and we are looking forward to our next year with even more things planned. We want the people here to feel at home by offering them a range of activities to engage in that are both fulfilling and fun but another essential element of life here is companionship as building friendships really helps to bring a sense of stability and belonging.

 The year ahead is packed with events that include a Wimbledon ‘Wii’ celebration, a summer fete and a visit from the Falls Prevention Team which includes aerobics classes – lycra not compulsory!


Silversprings is set in stunning countryside near Colchester and has lots to offer residents of all interests and abilities. In the grounds you can discover sensory gardens and nature walks, as well as doves, ducks and chickens, who are always happy to be fed.

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