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Stratford-upon-Avon care home wins approval of national care inspectors

January 26th 2016

Ambleside care home in Stratford-upon-Avon has been given the seal of approval by a national care watchdog, with relatives and residents praising the home’s caring team members.

Following an unannounced inspection of the care home on Evesham Road, Ambleside has been given a ‘good’ rating in a report by the Care Quality Commission (CQC). The inspector found the service was responsive towards people’s health needs and that people were treated with respect and dignity. The report also highlighted how residents enjoyed taking part in activities and that they were able to maintain their own hobbies and interests.  

In order to assess service standards at Ambleside, the CQC’s inspector spoke with team members, residents and their visiting relatives on the day of the inspection. They also reviewed the records and procedures already in place at the care home.

The inspector noted that residents felt well cared for and safe living at Ambleside and that they were treated as individuals and supported with kindness. Team members protected the privacy and dignity of residents and asked for consent before care was given; while relatives felt involved in their family members’ care decisions and were kept informed if there were any changes.

The report also highlighted that team members at Ambleside were enthusiastic about their role and how they could support residents to remain physically and mentally stimulated. They understood the importance of activities for everyone, especially for people living with dementia. The report showed how members of the team planned to involve some residents in the garden, choosing plants such as ‘roses and lavender that could trigger memories’ and encouraging birds into the garden. 
One team member gave an example of how they cared for a resident who had temporarily lost the use of their hand which stopped them being able to text a relative – affecting how the resident communicated with their family. The carer noticed the negative effect this had and supported the resident for weeks by ‘helping them to pop bubble wrap with their fingers to improve their hand and finger movement.’ As a result the resident is able to text and communicate with their family member once again. 

Home manager at Ambleside, Dawn Leaver said: “We are all thrilled to have received a ‘good’ rating from the CQC. Not only are the CQC’s findings an important benchmark for those looking at future care for loved ones, but they also give existing residents and their families even more confidence in the care services we provide.”

Ambleside in Stratford-upon-Avon is all about luxury, comfort and quality care.

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