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"When it Rains" (Poem by Emily Loo – Young Person at Newcombe Lodge)

November 22nd 2013

This poem was written by one of the young people at Newcombe Lodge.  The young person had been struggling at the time, but despite everything weighing her down at the time, her poem ends on a positive note, showing others that everyone has their ups and downs, but the downs are a necessity to be able to appreciate the ups.


When it rains,
When the dark angry clouds roll in
Blocking out the sun from all sight
As if it were never to be seen again,
Grey is the only colour we see
And the only sound that fills our eyes
Is the rain crashing down on the rooftops,
Drowning out the pavements,
Surrounding everything, leaving no escape.

The rain drenches everything in contact
It even dampens many of our spirits.
The lights grow dim
And the rooms grow dark
The same shade of grey as the bags
Underneath our sad, weary eyes.

I sit beside the window
Staring blankly, deep in thought.
Everything that I see outside
Reflects my own misery,
The deep sadness weighing me down
Like an anchor out at sea.
It's almost as if these raindrops
That fall from far above
Were born from deep inside my soul,
Releasing all the anguish, all the tears
That's been trapped inside for so long.

Rain is a necessity, with all the seasons;
A sign of life, it helps plants grow.
It produces healthy crops for us to eat, to survive,
But the rain doesn't last forever
And eventually the long lost sun returns.

It's the same with all the pain we feel
That drains us out so much.
Because although we cannot see it
Just like when the clouds hide the sun,
Pain helps us grow, it makes us strong,
And just like rain, it will surely pass.
But the beauty it brings inside our hearts;
This will forever last.

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