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Wish tree marks Dignity Action Day and starts a year of fun

January 30th 2012

Making wishes come true is the first in a year of fun-packed activities for residents, as we celebrate national Dignity Action Day on Wednesday 1st February, by inaugurating the home’s wish tree.

Residents will write their wishes on leaves and then attach them to the tree. Once the wish has been fulfilled, the leaf will be attached permanently to the tree along with a photo of the resident taking part in the activity.

Manager Sam Lambourne said: “Dignity is about choice. Our residents want to live life as they would have done in their own home. They want the choice of what care they receive, how they receive it and who cares for them.

“They have ambitions and dreams and we want to help them fulfil those wishes and lead the life they would choose.”

After the celebrations, activity coordinators will collect the leaves and set about incorporating them into the residents’ calendar of activities for the year.

Sam said: “It is very exciting. We have such an interesting group of residents here - we just don’t know what they will come up with.”

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