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Our dining experience

How and where a resident eats their meal influences how much they enjoy it – and how much they eat.

Care UK care homes offer a dining experience that enables residents to maintain their independence and dine with dignity. Our teams support residents to make meal time choices in a way that best suits them. We offer plated meal choices, and if one-to-one support is required, a carer will sit with the resident to help them eat their meal at a comfortable pace.

Time to get together

While residents can choose to dine in their own room, we do encourage residents to eat together in dining areas so they can make the most of this valuable social time. We love it when relatives join their loved ones for meals too.

Remembering routines

Residents are welcome to play a part in preparing for meals. Laying the table for lunch or dinner or preparing vegetables are long-remembered tasks for many residents, and they are welcome to continue these familiar routines if they wish. It’s a great source of reminiscence as well as a chance to retain independent living skills.

Dining with dignity

We give a lot of thought to the dining experience of residents who are living with dementia.

We use high-rimmed crockery and tablecloths in contrasting colours, as dementia often causes visual impairment. We even have cutlery that’s designed to enable residents who may experience impaired dexterity to eat independently, and continue enjoying their food.

We keep noise and bustle to a minimum, avoiding any distractions that may be off-putting. Meal times are kept as relaxing as possible so that residents can enjoy their meal and eat at their own pace.

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