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Moving in guide

Moving in guide

Our promise to you

We know that the coronavirus pandemic has changed how people think about care homes, but, at Care UK, our priority is, and always has been, the safety of residents, colleagues and visitors in our homes.

We have always followed the Government advice and had clear processes in place to prevent and contain infection and, from the outset of the COVID-19 pandemic, we had a clear plan to source PPE, enhance infection control training for colleagues, increase our robust cleaning and hygiene protocols and communicate with residents and their families.

Giving you confidence

If you’re considering a move into a Care UK care home, we want to reassure you that we have taken every precaution to safeguard your health and wellbeing by introducing new measures that complement our existing high standards.

We’ve created this guide to show you how we support you through your journey into a Care UK care home. 


Our safety promise to you

​Here at Care UK, the safety of your loved one is paramount so we have created 'Our promise' which outlines the 10 steps we continue to take to protect residents and the expert teams who look after them.

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Here for you every step of the way

For the safety of our residents and colleagues, we’re not currently offering in-person viewings of our homes by prospective residents and their families. However, we are doing the next best thing and giving you all the information you need in a wealth of different formats so that you can make a confident decision about your care.

Let’s talk

When you contact us about care for yourself or a loved one, a member of our home’s senior team will talk to you to find out what you’re looking for, and answer all your questions about daily life at the home, and what’s involved in moving in. We will happily speak to you as many times as you need to feel reassured and to make sure we answer all your questions.

We will send you a contract, so you can familiarise yourself with the wording, plus a welcome pack and a home brochure to look through at your leisure.

For the tech-minded…

If you’re comfortable with technology, we can also send photos and virtual tour of the available bedrooms as well as the home’s communal spaces, so you can get a feel for the home. If you’d like to see the different bedroom options ‘live’ we can even arrange a video call for you to show you the available rooms and walk you around them on the call.  

If you’re keen to progress, we will need to do an assessment of your care needs, so we can be sure we can meet these. Assessments are also currently taking place via video call. If you are in hospital, they are being done by a ‘trusted assessor’.

Moving in

As you’ll appreciate, one of our main safety protocols for new residents is the need to undertake a COVID-19 test, and we can arrange this for you. If the test comes back negative, we’ll be ready to welcome you immediately.

There will be a short period (from seven days) where all new residents self-isolate in their room. We appreciate that this can sound a little daunting, but we promise to make this time as fun and engaging as possible, finding innovative ways to keep you occupied and feeling special. Although you will be unable to have any outside visitors during this time, of course our home team will be able to spend time with you during this period whenever you wish.

Focused on you

You’ll be cared for by the same members of our team throughout your first week at the home, including colleagues from our Care, Lifestyle, Nursing (if appropriate) and Catering teams. The Lifestyle team will take part in your favourite activities with you, and our Chef will focus on cooking you mouth-watering meals, snacks and treats.

Wherever possible, we will set aside a specially designated lounge space or quiet room just for you to use, so you can have a change of scene from your room and start to feel part of the home.

Joining in

As soon as your shielding period is over, we’ll give you a full tour around the home and introduce you to other residents, including those with similar interests to your own, so you can start to make new friends.

We’ll organise small, socially distanced group activities that you’re welcome to take part in. You may even be able to dine with some other residents on your suite. Our team will also continue to spend lots of quality one-to-one time with you doing the activities you love.

Getting to know you

Care UK is renowned for delivering care that is entirely personalised to your needs, wishes and goals. That’s why we want to learn about you – your lifestyle, personality and interests – so we can get a sense of you as an individual and how you like to live your life. This is crucial for enabling us to organise rewarding and fulfilling experiences and activities for you.

Creating a home from home

No detail is too small. For instance, as soon as we know you’ll be joining us, we will happily set up your new bedroom to look however you want, with your pictures, photos and any furniture you’d like to have with you. We’ll put shelves up for you, or paint the walls your favourite colour – whatever will help you to feel at home.

A personalised approach

We support new residents to feel at home in all sorts of ways, from helping one resident to enjoy a gin and tonic in a pub-themed part of her care home’s garden, to supporting a poetry-loving lady to enjoy online poetry readings with an innovative arts organisation. Residents have also been growing plants in their rooms, doing exercise sessions and enjoying cello recitals on Zoom.

Keep connected to loved ones

During your first seven days with us, your loved ones will be unable to visit you inside the home because in-home visits aren’t yet permitted in any Care UK home. This is subject to constant review as and when Government guidance changes and the risk of infection across the UK continues to reduce. We understand that you’ll be keen to see and speak to your friends and family, so our team will help you to stay connected with them via frequent phone and video calls, emails, letters and cards. The home’s management team will also keep your family updated with how you’re doing.

Follow the fun on Facebook

Most of our homes have been showcasing everything their residents have been doing during the lockdown on their Facebook pages. Simply search for your home’s page and ‘like’ it and you’ll receive updates whenever they’re posted. It’s a great way to get a feel for the home and the activities and experiences that residents enjoy.

Connect with us

If you have a question about any aspect of our admissions process, please talk to the team in your home. Whatever your query, we’ll be happy to help.

Our safety
to you

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