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Pets you’d never expect in a care home

Mitzi at Pear Tree Court

We all know how having a pet can lift your mood, stimulate social interaction and ease agitation. So it makes absolute sense for care homes to adopt pets of their own. In our February newsletter we met a few of our care homes’ ‘canine relations managers’. Today we introduce you to a few more home pets, including some you’d never expect to meet in a care home. 

Mood lifting felines

Pear Tree Court in Horndean has only been open for a year, but already Mitzi the black cat has settled in and made the home her own. She moved in with her owner Pam, and quickly arranged for a cat door to be installed. She likes to patrol the gardens and collect tickles and strokes from residents, visitors and staff alike. She is also a great ‘help’ with activities, ensuring the wool is nicely unravelled for the Knit ‘n’ Natter group. 

Finley, another friendly feline, was adopted by the team at Kingsleigh in Woking in December. He’s very partial to liver and bacon and likes to hang out with Kelly, the manager, in the main office where he can keep an eye on things. The team adopted Alvin and Theo, two guinea pigs, at the same time.

PH laurel and hardy

Pigs of all sizes

Laurel and Hardy are another couple of guineas who are getting used to life at Priors House in Leamington Spa. They moved in in February and have been enjoying some tempting creature comforts, like cucumber bunting in their cage. They even brought very tiny suitcases with them and have their own memory box, just like residents!

From guinea pigs to full size porkers – Broadwater Lodge near Godalming recently adopted two more pigs, Hannah and Ford, to join the incumbent pigs, Art and Arnie, as well as two goats, a rabbit, guinea pigs and various chickens on the home’s small farm. Residents continue to thrive with so many animals to care for, and have even been visited by the local ITV news team

Little Lady has a big heart

One tiny canine relations manager who didn’t make it into last month’s feature with the other dogs is Lady, a chihuahua-papillon cross, from Colne View near Colchester. Lady tells us that she often starts the day with a tour of the home. “Colne View is quite a big home, and it’s important that I get around to as many residents as I can each day,” she says. “I’ve worked out that, if I sit on the lap of a resident who uses a wheelchair, I can get around quickly and have a cuddle at the same time.” Not just a pretty face is Lady.

Smudge - 5 year Service Award

A hoppy 5 years award 


At Ventress Hall in Darlington, resident rabbit Smudge has just received his 5 year Service Award. - pictured here with Ruth.

Smudge enjoys spending time with residents, loving nothing better than to sit on resident’s knees and listening to stories, particularly Mary.  In the summer months, he enjoys the courtyard and often hops through resident’s patio doors and down to the home managers office just for cuddle!

They call it puppy love

Mercia Grange, in Sutton Coldfield, has begun receiving weekly visits from a very special four-legged friend and his owner

Friend to the home, Paul, brings his adorable pooch Jasper the Cockapoo, every week. Jasper is proving very popular with the residents, who enjoy petting and stroking him, and always look forward to his weekly visits.