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Care enquiry lines open Mon-Tue 8:30am-8:00pm,
Wed-Fri 8:30am-5:30pm, Sat 8:30am-5pm,
Sun 10am-4pm

0333 321 1986

Care enquiry lines open Mon-Tue 8:30am-8:00pm,
Wed-Fri 8:30am-5:30pm, Sat 8:30am-5pm,
Sun 10am-4pm

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Jennie Rodger - Home Manager - Care UK

Jennie Rodger

Home Manager

I became involved with Care UK during my 19 year career with Suffolk County Council, becoming involved in the tendering, selling, contract and transfer process of services from the council to Care UK.

I have worked with Care UK now since 2012 and carried out a variety of roles, including regional support manager, regional day club manager and home manager of several Suffolk homes. I am now proud to be the home manager of Prince George House and thoroughly enjoy working with the team here.

Having a passion about what you do is key, and person centred care is a priority.  The best part of my job is being able to sit down and chat with residents, listen and reminisce about their life experiences and history. Part of my job is being a good listener and having good people skills which I believe is necessary for supporting and developing my team. In the past, I was proud to have received an ‘excellent’ rating when I was home manager at one of the old homes in Suffolk – the first at the time.

Deepa Reju

Deputy Manager Clinical and Infection Prevention and Control Champion

The role of Infection Prevention & Control (IPC) Champion is vital in ensuring that colleagues maintain a high standard of hygiene and cleanliness in the home, keeping residents and colleagues safe. They work hard to deliver the relevant training to the team, complete audits and keep on top of the legislation and guidelines.

Julie Dennis - Customer Relations Manager - Care UK

Julie Dennis

Customer Relations Manager

I joined the team at Care UK after working for 15 years in the banking sector. Moving into the care sector was a complete change – and a steep learning curve – but I’ve never looked back. I was keen to make a difference to people’s lives and I love the fact that my role at Prince George House enables me to do that.

Moving to a care home can be an extremely difficult and emotional time for families, so I’m proud to be able to make that journey a little easier. My role involves meeting and guiding potential residents and their families through the process of choosing a care home. 

There is a fantastic atmosphere here at Prince George House, and the team work tirelessly to provide the best care for residents.

Deasearine Matthysen

Day Club Manager

I have a background in residential care and joined Care UK in 2015. It was an easy decision to make as I wanted to work for a company with good values and who are passionate about delivering good quality care.

Becoming the day club manager has been the highlight of my career! To do this role well you need to be compassionate and love what you do. I always come to work wanting to make a change for the better in someone’s life. I take a lot of pride when as at the end of the day I hear our members say what a lovely day they had and that they can’t wait to see us again. The laughter through the day is another bonus for me!

When I’m not at work I like to spend time with my family and our dog Scruff. I also enjoy Latin and ballroom dancing, as well as crafts such as painting and making jewellery.

Caroline Lloyd - Head Chef - Care UK

Caroline Lloyd

Head Chef

I’ve been working at Prince George House since 2013. As well as enabling me to further my catering career and learn new skills, it’s been fantastic to have been in a role where I’ve been able to help and support the residents. I’ve worked my way up from kitchen assistant to second chef, and now head chef, which I’m proud of.

I know how much the residents look forward to meal times and I enjoy sending out the meals knowing that there’s a big expectation from them! I enjoy hearing their feedback and when I can I like to get out of the kitchen to chat to them. I’m always keen to ensure we’re giving them what they want, and that’s the best way to find out.

Layla Holloway - Business Administrator - Care UK

Layla Holloway

Business Administrator

I started as head housekeeper at Prince George House to get into the hospitality side of care after doing travel and tourism at college. I did that role for two years and loved every minute of it. It taught me how the home runs and I got to know the residents and their families. So when the business administrator role came up I knew I was ready to grow within the company and learn more about the business side of running the home. While the change has really put me outside my comfort zone, it’s lovely to develop within the same home and have the same great team – and residents – around me.

I love spending time with the residents. When I can, I’ll have a game of bingo with them or a dance if there’s entertainment on. I love seeing the residents singing and dancing along to the music and enjoying themselves.

Claire Mann


I spent many years working in an accounts department before I took time out to care for my children. When I was ready for a new challenge, this seemed like a good opportunity. It was a challenge getting back into the workplace and learning new skills, but I’m so pleased I took the step.

I enjoy meeting new people and helping them and keeping busy. No two days are the same at Prince George House. One of the highlights of what I do is chatting to the residents and their relatives. It may seem like a small thing to have a cup of tea and a chat with a person, but it can make their day.

I enjoy hearing positive feedback from relatives. It gives you a boost knowing that people appreciate what you’re doing for them and their loved ones. The smiles on the faces of residents make everything worthwhile.

Ryo - Canine Relations Manager - Care UK


Canine Relations Manager

I had an interesting start in life: there aren’t many dogs who can say they were born on a llama farm. Layla, the business administrator at Prince George House, then came and adopted me, and I haven’t looked back. 

I’m a handsome chap and I like to look my best for the residents. I have an extensive wardrobe of colourful bandanas, and I like to keep residents on their toes wondering which one I have selected each day. 

As a Border Collie, I’m a big fan of catching and fetching balls that people throw for me. I would do it all day, given a chance. I like to catch my breath occasionally to have a treat and a cuddle, or to help the cleaning team. If there’s even the tiniest edible scrap on the floor, I’ll find it and hoover it up for them. It’s just the sort of helpful dog I am. 

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