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0333 321 1984

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Every day is different at our Lowestoft day club. Members choose what they’d like to do, and we get out on trips whenever we can. 

Many Britten Club members are living with dementia. We see the person behind the dementia, getting to know their interests and hobbies, their favourite foods, even the places they’ve travelled to. This enables us to tailor the activities they do so that they’re meaningful and fulfilling. 

Providing consistency is key to helping people to feel secure and reassured, so we often do activities that we can work on together over time, like arts and crafts projects, or growing veg or flowers in the garden. We’ll sometimes take a trip out, particularly in the warmer months – whether to a restaurant, the seaside or for afternoon tea. It’s also important to note that there’s always space for quiet time. If your loved one wants to have some time to themselves, we respect that and do anything we can to support them. 

Making new friends

Once a month, children from the nearby nursery come and visit us to do activities, and to enjoy music, singing and games together. It’s a highlight for the residents, and there are some lovely friendships forming between the generations. 

Friendship is important to us here. Over time, members get to know each other well, and enjoy getting competitive together over a game of cards, dominoes or in a quiz. Others enjoy a chat while they work on craft activities or their knitting together. 

Reminiscence is a great way to get to know each other. Members enjoy sharing stories about their life. It’s surprising the tales they have to tell, and we always end up laughing about life.

Find out more about how our day club works.

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