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Our day is designed around club members and is tailored to their interests and preferences. 

Members of the Prince George Club love being sociable. They get together to do gardening, bingo, quizzes, darts and arts and crafts. Singing and dancing are always a big hit, as are more traditional pastimes like flower arranging and baking. There’s a knitting and sewing club, and some members enjoy model building – being here is all about doing what you enjoy, in a safe environment and surrounded by friends.

Recalling the past

Many day club members are living with dementia, so it’s important to ensure that our activities are meaningful and relevant for them. Reminiscence is a popular activity as everyone can share their experiences and memories. One of us will think of a theme and we then see what that sparks in members’ memories. Once we get started it can be hard to stop – the memories keep flowing.

Fresh air and fun times

We get out and about on day trips as often as possible. The stimulation of fresh air, sunshine and a new place can hugely enhance the mood and wellbeing of a person who is living with dementia – as well as everyone else. We might stay close to home, pop over to Prince George House next door, or even go on a summer trip to one of the nearby seaside resorts.

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