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Care UK’s Great Love Stories

Care UK’s Great Love Stories

“I’d rather hold her hand than anybody else’s” 

In celebration of Valentine’s Day, Care UK residents from across the UK have shared their great love stories.

Their relationships have stood the test of time, and what better way to celebrate Valentine’s Day than by delving into the history of residents and asking them what their secrets are to a long and happy marriage.

Marion and Ray share their pearls of wisdom to a long and happy marriage

From their first meeting, to the moment they walked down the aisle, a selection of memories and stories have been captured in a video to celebrate companionship and some of the country’s great love stories. 

Eric Halls recalled his wife Betty’s breath-taking wedding dress, and when Sidney Grimes remarked on his wedding day he said: “As she walked up the aisle I thought, Grimes you’ve done yourself proud.”

After more than 70 years of marriage, when Sidney was asked if he still loved his wife he said: “I’d rather hold her hand than anybody else’s, I think she’s wonderful.”

Marion and Raymond Old revealed the secret to their long marriage: “You have your ups and downs, but you’ve got to be honest with each other.”

Eric offered further words of wisdom: “The first thing you learn is not to be the boss of the house, there’s only one boss and it’s never the man!”


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