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Care UK provides expert care that supports people in Coventry to live independently in their own homes

We know and understand how important good home support is for people who want to live independently. Our services include help for older people, support for people living with dementia, learning disabilities and we pride healthcare for people with chronic or long-term illness.

We can also provide supported living options for older people and individuals with learning disabilities. This option gives access to round the clock support, but in the comfortable environment of a specially designed flat. It’s ideal for people who require support but want some independence of their own.

Tailor-made care plans

At any one time we can support more than 150 people across Coventry. We tailor our services around you. We will spend time getting to know your likes and dislikes and create a unique lifestyle plan, which we hope will encourage you to live a fulfilling and happy life. The results of this approach are very rewarding and our team loves seeing the great progress our customers are make.

Please see below a full list of the services we offer. Alternatively, contact us with any questions. Our team will be happy to help.