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Our apprenticeships

How our learning programmes can kick-start your career


Is a Care UK apprenticeship right for you?

Apprenticeships suit a range of people and roles

From supporting new recruits fresh out of formal education into employment, through to up-skilling existing staff and supporting senior management

There are many perks of being an apprentice: colleagues earn while they learn and are free to move at their own pace. They can improve skills and knowledge in their role and enhance their career opportunities. 

Tailored training that's right for your skill level

We’ve matched all our programmes with our job roles, meaning learners can put their knowledge into practice in their department daily, whether their role is in care, administration, hospitality, catering or maintenance. 

Training is always tailored, role-relevant and can support engagement and progression in the home. 

New to care? No problem

For new to care colleagues, apprenticeships are one of the best ways to work alongside experienced staff, learn skills and gain the knowledge to be a confident worker. 

Build on your experience

Apprenticeships can also help Care UK’s experienced colleagues to formalise their knowledge and progress their career with us.

Leading learning opportunities 

As well as providing career development to more than 4,000 learners through apprenticeships, Care UK has also created tailored programmes to give colleagues hands-on learning experience. 

Who it’s for: The academy was created to support our nurses, team leaders and overseas pre-registered nurses with ongoing practice development. 

What you’ll do: The Seacole Academy is divided into three stages, through each of which colleagues will complete a set of training programmes or workshops: 

  • Nurturing phase: New to nursing 
    Pre-registration overseas colleagues will receive support and guidance through an induction programme. 

  • Intermediate phase: Supported development  
    Clinical colleagues, including newly qualified, return to practice and overseas nurses, will focus on developing their skills with development workshops. 

  • Advanced phase: Developing others 
    Nurses can concentrate on their own specialist clinical development, as well as supporting and mentoring other colleagues through preceptorship and competency assessments. 

Who it’s for: Kitchen Assistants or trainee chefs who are keen to progress and develop their skills.  

What you’ll do: Perfect your food preparation skills and cookery methods among the hospitality team in a supportive and encouraging environment. The Production Chef Level 2 apprenticeship provides training and development to support you in becoming the future kitchen chefs and leaders within our business. 

Interested? Get in touch with our recruitment team to find out more!

Learn new skills with a Care UK apprenticeship

Meet a few of our apprentices

We support all our colleagues looking to further progress their careers through our learning and development opportunities.

The 5 Ws of Apprenticeships...

The 5 Ws of Apprenticeships...

Our apprenticeships suit a range of people and roles and are available to anyone from the age of 16.

Whether you are are fresh out of formal education or perhaps you fancy starting a new career in care. You may even want to top up existing skills or futher your career in care.

There are many perks of being an apprentice:

  • Earn while you learn and at your own pace.
  • Improve skills and knowledge.
  • Enhance you career opportunities.

The training is always tailored, role-relevant and can support engagement and progression in the home.

All our programmes are matched with our job roles, meaning learners can put their knowledge into practice in their department daily.

Programmes will generally take between 12 and 18 months to complete.

You can join the team as a apprentice, or start an apprenticeship as a part of your personal development.

If you are new to care, apprenticeships are one of the best ways to gain the skills and knowledge you need as you work alongside experienced staff.

The Care Certificate, which sets out the fundamental skills to work in the sector, is also completed as part of the qualification.

Fill in the form above to register your interest, or speak to our team via recapplications@careuk.com.