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At Althea Park we work to help young people with severe and complex issues.

Althea Park House is a residential service for children and young people aged 15-23 years who are living with complex, severe and enduring eating disorders. Situated in the town of Stroud, in Gloucestershire, we offer seven residential places and can provide day services for up to four people. Our programmes vary in length entirely depending on the needs of each client, but in general are six months or more.

Most of the people who come to us have had hospital admissions before, or attended day treatment, but have not been able to achieve a sustained recovery. Because of their conditions, many have missed out on the typical teenage experiences which most of us take for granted, so we work to give them this option. For someone at this stage of life it can be important just to have your own room and space to start enjoying life as a teenager.

To find out more about Althea Park House, take a look at our dedicated eating disorders website.

Referring to Althea Park House

Most referrals to Althea Park House come from consultant psychiatrists, but in some cases it’s possible for clients or families to self-refer to us. For more information get in contact and our team will be happy to help.

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