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0333 434 3022

Care enquiry lines open Mon-Fri 8.30am - 5.30pm

0333 434 3022

Care enquiry lines open Mon-Fri 8.30am - 5.30pm

0333 434 3022

Care enquiry lines open Mon-Fri 8.30am - 5.30pm

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Darlington Court - Daily life

At Darlington Court, every day offers something new and exciting to do. We arrange lots of stimulating activities and outings to keep residents engaged.

We encourage residents to keep doing things for themselves – we call this Activity Based Care and it’s at the heart of everything we do. We support residents to carry on the hobbies and activities they love – of course, we’re guided by residents and wouldn’t dream of making someone do something they don’t want to. There are plenty of communal spaces in the home for residents to take part in quieter activities such as reading, puzzles and dominoes, as well as for group activities such as gentle exercise classes, singing, baking and arts and crafts. Because we plan activities around individual interests, there's really something for everyone.

Activities for everyone

Popular activities at Darlington Court include music therapy, reminiscence sessions and baking. We like to stay fit and active too, with regular gentle exercise classes and residents also get the chance to test their hand at ten-pin bowling, as a mobile skittles alley often comes to the home.

Everyone enjoys our one-to-one and group outings. We have lots of little shops close by, as well as a supermarket. We also take trips to the seaside and to garden centres with tea shops.

Sometimes residents are worried they’ll lose their independence or miss the small activities they do every day at home. We always help residents to continue to do those everyday things they used to, getting involved in as much or as little as they wish. This could be something small such as folding napkins for meals, getting involved in the garden tending the flower beds, or even helping out the maintenance team on DIY around the home. Of course, during COVID-19, our activities have looked a little different, but the team have worked hard to continue favourite things to do whilst maintaining social distancing, as well as creating some new activities so residents always have plenty to keep them happy and entertained. We’ve also embraced new technology, using electronic tablets not only to help keep in touch with loved ones, but also to enjoy virtual entertainment such as streaming concerts, or even to learn new skills.

Enjoying good food

We like to eat out from time to time and residents enjoy having dinner out and about on some evenings and on special occasions and for celebrations our dedicated in-house chef prepares themed dishes. We also do regular cookery activities such as baking and cake decorating for residents which are always popular – for both those taking part as well as everyone that gets a chance to eat some of the results!

Services and support

We have a doctor at the home every day, Monday to Friday, and we also have a yearly ophthalmic screening programme. A chiropodist visits us every two weeks and we'll happily arrange any other appointments as needed.

A hairdresser comes in once a week and an aromatherapist visits monthly offering hand massages, Indian head massages and other treatments.

A part of the community

Pre-COVID children from the local primary and senior schools would come to sing for and entertain residents on special occasions such as Easter. We also have links to the local Brownies.

Twice a year, our staff put on a pantomime. It's always popular – we usually need to run the shows for two days!

During COVID, we’ve been able to continue these relationships as well as build new ones, using technology such as tablets as well as traditional methods to keep in touch with loved ones. We’ve even made some new friends in our wonderful community who have supported us during this time.


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